Friday, May 28, 2010

I need a hand to hold, and a heart to understand.

It's not wrong to dream.
Thursday was the last day of school before our June Holidays start! YAY, can't wait. Eventhough I know I won't be able to spend a lot of time hanging out with friends, cos my trainings took up almost half of it already. Yes I got the schedule, we dont even have the last week to finish up our homework, like last time. ): And I hate it when trainings are in the afternoon, cos the whole day is wasted already. It's impossible to go out early in the morning and come back in the afternoon, neither is it possible to go out late at night and come home (the next day?). LOL.
Anyway, during Chemistry class today. Ms Siti talked alot about those kind of stuffs in our school. She's like, of course our school is haunted. She mentioned alot of stories. And one of which frightened us alot.
A teacher took her class to the music room and left the room for awhile. The class is a very hyperactive class, so she expected them to be very noisy when she's not around. But surprisingly, when she went back to the room, the class was super quiet. So she asked, "Why are you'al so quiet?" And a student replied, "Cher, how to make noise siah. That teacher keep staring at us." but there's no other teachers in the room.
So our class decided to play a prank on the teacher whose coming in for the next lesson - Amaths : Mr Matthew Lim. LOL. So our class was super quiet when he came. He was very surprised. And he crept in quietly into our class from the back door. All of us kept staring at the teacher's table. Supposedly, Mr Lim is to ask why we're so quiet. And Kityee will start crying, and Eddy will say that there's a teacher who keeps on staring at us over at the teacher's table. But he didnt, guess what he did. He switch off the fans, and went on to give out our test papers. Then Kityee started crying, and Zena went to comfort her. She even informed Mr Lim, just in case he didnt notice or something. And he said, let her cry finish first lo. WTH? LOL. Then we went on to greet him. We greeted damn softly, and he keep greeting us until we're loud enough. Afterwards, Zena gave signal and we all started laughing. When asked what he was thinking when he came into our class, Mr Lim said "a bunch of fools trying to entertain themselves." LOLOL, quite true. We have no idea how he know we were playing a prank though, and our acting was superb i tell you. Not a single soul made noise okay, unless there's really a teacher there, but no. HAHA.
And Ms Siti gave each of us a cupcake. It's nice. And the birthday babies borned in April, May and June received presents (: I got a dark pink notebook and a pack of pegs. Very nice, I like :D Had camp briefing afterwards, it got me really excited. We will be having seafood! And also BBQ by the waterfall, we get to swim in the waterfall as well! OMG, damn excited for that. I havent pack my bag. Shall start tomorrow, if not Sunday.
Parents' Meeting afterwards. My father hate Mrs Kok. LOLOL, and Runfa got along well with my father. My father quite like him siah. Omg, even promised to treat him meal if he improve in his studies. As for my results, I'm not that disappointed, neither am I happy. I need like 0.5 marks for Physics and Combined Humans to get an A man. And 0.5 for Biology to get A1. And I didnt fail my english. Omg, HAHAHA. I thought I failed my english for CA and MYE. But overall I didnt fail, k i dont get it but who cares, I didnt fail! YAYYYY. I just hate it that I got 4th position in cohort last year and they didnt mention the top 10, and now I didnt get top 10 and they mentioned their names. Damn it. I wanna be recognised okay!
I missed the Barbie show on OKTO just now ):

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