Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guess I rather get hurt than feeling nothing at all.

Went for job training on Monday, cool la. Jumat is funny. Just went back and got my TCC card, I'm starting work on Saturday. Until night leh, sian sian. Anyway, I'm damn moody nowadays cos of my phone. I wanna get it fixed FAST man. I wanna bring it to Kota Tinggi one ): Mine got international roaming, but guess it cant be fixed within that limited time frame already la. Cos it's my sim card that's spoilt, and I went to check with the Starhub store at cwp. They say I have to go to the main branch to get it fixed, which is all the way at Vivo City & Plaza Singapura. THANKS FOR HELPING MAN! I've suffered enough la, one week without my phone. Guess that's an achievement, I thought I would never be able to survive a day without my phone ):

But still, I'm sadddddddd. You have no bloody idea how it feels when you got a new message and you opened it, and you read the message, you already have in mind what you're gonna reply, but you CANT reply it. Goddamnit, it sucks to the max. Dont tell me you know how it feels, cos you dont! -.- K, emooooooooo. LOLOLOL.
): GAHHHHH, so sad. No one can contact me ): No one knows my current number ): No one to sms with ): No one to entertain me ): LOLOL, k fine. -,- I'm sad enough la. Anyway, Mrs Lim Yap is sooooooo cool. Is slept in class for two of her lessons for half an hour and she didnt even wake me up. Damn cool shit or what. And she spent an hour teaching one question. No offence, but I have no idea how she become the HOD for Mathematics, judging from the way she controls her class, she teach and most importantly her language. She talk like cheena people la. No 'suc' thing. HAHAHAHAHA
Anyway, tmr is the last day of school. It's the day I've been waiting for for so long already la! But my holiday schedule is damn pack. I have Kota Tinggi trip for the first week, and then there's trainings-thrice a week, class outings, volleyball chalet, cliques outing, volleyball outing, shopping, work and HOMEWORKS. AHHHH, my last week is saved for my chionging homework. HAHAHA.
YAY there's class party tmr! WOOHOO!

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