Sunday, May 23, 2010

My heart's crippled by the vein that I keep on closing.

Went over to Xiaojun's house yesterday after finishing my amaths homework, okay now I know I did it wrongly. I didnt know equations with the modulus sign is always positive. K FINE, i know now. LOL. I'll redo them later, or maybe in school, whatever. Went swimming at Xiaojun's condo, can't really say we're swimming la. We were actually chatting, as usual. That's what we always do in the pool. Wanted to go sauna after that, but it's spoilt ): Sad la, then showered and went to her house.
We were slacking like siao. Watched some videos. Especially NUMBNUTS & CHICK vs DICK <3>
There's actually steamboat today, but turned out it's cancelled. Walau, nevermind lo. My mum allow me to stay until quite late, so I went home only at around 12am. HAHA.
Went to buy shoes for my job, ee yucks. The shoe sucks can. We were deciding on the size until the person got totally pissed off. Stupid, what kind of BATA service is this man. In the end, Pantita had to endure with a size she's not that comfortable with. Got a discount from Runfa's TCC member card. Then lunch @ Subway, yummy, long time never eat Subway already.
Pan and I went over to Queensway afterwards to meet the rest of our teammates. Was quite shocked to know that Alison bought her own shoe, meaning it's different from us. Pan and I were like, I thought we all buying same shoe? Then they say no, buying different one. Then we were like, what? Then what's the point of coming out tgt man. Forget it, rushed to Queensway Shopping Centre, 3 of them decided on the same nike shoe. They came over to ask us to take a look as well. Yea, it's gorgeous. We both wanted it without even checking out other designs. HAHA, sorry I took pan's size. HAHA, she's got a real shoe-size-problem today. But the person went to find it in the end. LOL. While queuing up to pay, I noticed a water bottle with the same colour as our shoe. I wanna buy it mannnnn. It's $7, and the shoe is $84. I told the person if he could give the bottle to us for free. HAHA, obviously is cannot la. Then I say $3 can? He just rushed us to give the money and I gave slot 3 bucks into his hand, he just kept it. YAY, a damn nice nike waterbottle for only $3! HAHAHA. Initially I thought that we could get the shoe for maybe $75-$80 if all 4 of us buy the shoe together (Chaoxin, Yingjie, Pantita, and I), but they already paid for it. Damn it, LOL, they need me when buying this kind of stuffs man.
Anyway, MY PHONE IS SPOILED! ): Since yesterday when I went over to Xiaojun's. I'm so sad, I can die without my phone. I dont know what happened, it just hanged for a minute and shuts down. Afterwards it will restart again, and after pressing for about 5 times, it repeats itself. I'm so damn sad la, walau. Anyone with a spare phone, seriously ))))): I need it, urgently... Ah damn it, it just restarted itself. I tried calling some of the people who smsed me, but so far, i only managed to call two person. Goddamnit la, bitch man. I thought my phone love me la, i think it's time to ditch it before it ditches me. DAMN YOU BITCH!
And so, I rushed home as I cant stand another minute without my phone. Sorry for some of you who thought I was ignoring you, HAHAHA. I'm not la, damn you. It's my bloody phone ignoring me, I'm damn sad.

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