Friday, March 12, 2010

YAYYY, it's holidays! But booo, it's a holiday with tons of homework. My list of homework cant even fit into the Thursday and Friday column. And yes, I'm f serious. Anyway, had napfa 5 items today.
Incline Pull Ups: 17
Standing Broad Jump: 202cm
Sit ups: 40
Sit and Reach: 44cm
Shuttle Run: 10.81s
Woohoo, all 'A'. It's the first time I got all A, LOL. Yessss, cos last year my incline pull ups was 16, short of one more to get an 'A'. Everything was quite okay except the teacher's instructions were damn unclear. They wanted us to move here, move there, move everywhere and in the end end up in the initial spot. Yes, I scolded Mr Poh. LOL.

And for sit ups, the teacher was ... She said '1, 2, 3', I started doing damn fast and she said she havent say start. Must '1, 2, 3, start.' WTHHHHH! Nevermind. For the shuttle run, Rebecca initially ran 7s, LOL, but turned out I think the teacher didnt press the watch properly. 7s was damn shocking, seriously, it's even faster than most of the boys.
LOL, anyway played basketball after that with some of the guys and yuping. Then headed to Eunice's condo to play and help her with her birthday party. K I slept. I realised I can sleep no matter where I am. I can even sleep just by lying on Shicheng's bed and on the sofa of the study area in Eunice's condo. Gonna sleep soon, there's meeting tmr morning until 12pm and I'm going out afterwards. Byeeee!

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