Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ooops, sorry for not posting these few days. My work load is increasing like mad and it's only now then I have the time to post. I'll just summarise roughly what I did during this week.
Happy Birthday Ziwei!
Happy Birthday Chaoyi!
I made a card for him leh, so nice of me. I was deciding very hard whether to use green or blue for the card you know, cos I think if I'm not wrong he told me before he liked blue or something, but he look like Frankenstein and it's green in colour. HAHA, but i used blue in the end la.
Missed my Amaths Common Test as I had competition against Sembawang Secondary School. Lost, but there's still another match to look forward to :D
Chemistry was fun! HAHA, I love Chemistry Practical. BUT, I hate Mrs Whelan. Hate her voice and the way she talk, hate the way she writes damn slowly on the board, hates the way she everytime eye people, hate her everything la.
During Assembly, we decided that Hengteng will be our model for the Traditional Costume Design. We even taught him etiquette lessons and how to walk catwalk. HAHAHA, and Nicholas from class 3-2 came and compete. LOL, damn funny. But Mdm Chan want us to have a backup model just in case Hengteng is not suitable.
Left the class super early at 10.45am for competition. It's our damn crucial match against Chung Cheng High School, lose this game and we wont be able to take part in the nationals. Chung Cheng took the first set, but we own the second set with the score of 13-25 (almost trashed them). Third set was scary. Chung Cheng reached the match point (24) and was just one point away from victory, while we still need 7 points to be on par with them. However, we fought til the end. And guess what? We won the game. Yea, everyone burst into tears of joy. AND I REALLY MEAN EVERYONE.
And yes, my tears of joy come out faster than my tears of sorrow. Seriously, even Pantita says so. I remember the first person I ran to hug was Chaoxin. I didnt know what to do or what to say, all I know is it would feel good to hug someone at that time. It really felt good, feeling someone's heart so close to yours that you do not need words. I hate to say it's a miracle, cos it's our hardwork. Great job guys, now all of you can concentrate on your studies until nationals begin.
Coach treat us to late lunch at the coffeeshop opposite school. It was so nice. Before we started eating, we even greeted them. So fun, a pity that Shunyi didnt sit with us. But it's alright :D Jiajing really has a motherly side. LOL, she's the one that is always standing, helping us with food, shifting the food when the person brings the food to our table, says this is nice, how this should be eaten, etc. HAHA. As we were finishing up the food, Mr Ben came and told Cassandra and Xinlerk that they were given the priviledge to say a short speech during assembly the next day about our volleyball team's achievement. I was actually hoping Chaoxin and I would get a chance as well, cos it's so rare that volleyballers get to talk about ourselves, how we feel, how we play, how some games are damn important to us and so on. And when we lose a game, people will just like 'Aiya, lose only ma, also nevermind one. Next time play better lo.' But it's not just about that. Yea, so I was quite excited.
Went to popular to buy some stuffs for Ms Lim's birthday card. Met Sheela and Jiawei. Omg, I didnt know Jiawei is so freaking childish and lame. After around 15minutes of talking to him, I got so irritated I wanna run away. SERIOUSLY.
Went to Eunice's condo to do up the birthday card. Helped Cassandra and Xinlerk with the speech, I think they will do a great job presenting our team :D
Happy Birthday Ms Janay Lim!
Okay, today is a total disaster because I became the model instead of Hengteng for the costume design. And Hengteng went to shave his armpit and cut himself. Oops, sorry la. I didnt know he would take my words so seriously.
I changed in the girls' toilet to let Jiajing and Eunice see if I wore it better, yes I wore it better. And it's decided that I'm the model. I was a bit reluctant you know, cos it's a tube dress. The top I wanted was not made. I look super alienish and skinny in that dress I swear. And I was forced and pushed out of the toilet and to show to the whole class. It was so embarassing and scary, I almost cried. I didnt even dare to look at anyone.
I was sweating all over. Went down to the G.O. and still have to wait for the judges, wth. The whole class owe me man, ESPECIALLY HENGTENG!
Had class party (Term 1 student's birthday) and cca party (Ms Lim's birthday) after school. The volleyballers from 3-3 are like running from one place to another. HAHA, I didnt eat much. I was damn hungry you know, somemore got the idiotic food rationing. And oh, the concert sucks. But I find it so interesting to look at the MINDS people, some of them looked perfectly normal. And i think the girl sitting infront of me during the concert should be with the MINDS. -,-
PS: We better win the costume design or students from 3 Zenith really owe me.
Oh btw, Cassandra and Xinlerk went up to the podium during assembly today. I was freaking excited. The whole team of course were quite concerned about their own attire, and definitely how high we tie our ponytail since Mrs Kok LOVE catching our hair, so someone suggested we tie scorpian that day. Cool, scorpian hairstyles are like our signature hairstyle that we tie during special occasions. HAHA, hopefully we invent other hairstyles that other people wont copy. And oh, MS TOH LOOK DAMN CHIO TODAY. HAHAHA, she should dress like that everyday man. Can win Ms Choo, LOLOLOLOL.
Went to Fareast afterwards with Eunice, that's why we left the class party early. Eunice bought all tube dresses. Yay, from the shop I recommended :D Jiajing joined us after a looooooooooooooooong time afterwards. Met Hongye afterwards at around 10pm with Yingting and Ah Hui (?). Chatted while waiting for Xiaojun (Yingting and I actually can chat for quite long leh, maybe we should try chatting tongxiao. HAHA.), until really buay tahan. Went home and sleep, it was around 1am then. And it's damn irritating la, everyone's going back to Malaysia to celebrate CNY. Noone to sms me, I'm bored to death. At least money can keep me company tomorrow. HEHE.

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