Sunday, February 7, 2010


Yes, it's Xiaojun's birthday! SHE IS 15 NOW! Rasyidah and I planned how we wanna do her surprise party already, but most of the job was done by her because BIG BOSS IS BUSY! HAHAHA. So job shall be left to miniboss to take over. LOLLLL, and there's Raziq under-probation-miniboss. HAHAHA, and I just realised, Raziq got nice ass.
Anw, sang birthday song for Xiaojun with some of the former 2-4 students, she cried! She was so touched man. And she said she almost teared while reading my birthday gift for her. Yea, it was a photo album that I load many silly stuffs we did. After school was out NZ Competition against Xinmin, had a very motivational talk by Xinlerk that made Meiting and Yuping cried. Still lost to Xinmin, but what's over is over okayyyy. The rest of the school had Community Day where they get to distribute mandarin oranges to the residents around our school area. However, our class get to distribute mandarin oranges to the Lion Befrienders. Cool, but I missed it. Sad.
BTW, I LOVE OUR CLASS CHEER. It's so damn cool, and with Ms Li, it just made everything right okay. And all the ideas we thought of are so damn cute and they all fits into the cheer. Including 'samula'~ HAHAHA, it was by accident that it became the class joke. Anw, I shant talk about the class cheer anymore cos it's so damnit nice and cool. HEHE.
Head home with Xiaojun, showered and met her. Took the bus to Admiralt Garden. Many had already reached, was waiting for Rebecca, Zena and Matthio. Played awhile of Truth or Dare, then played with flour. All pre-planned carefully, so that Xiaojun wont find out. Floor was smacked into her face and I think some got into her contact lense and nostrils. If it gets into your nostrils, the feeling is horrible. Imagine water going into your nostrils, sucks right. When flour gets in, it's worst than that. Then played for quite awhile, was very fun. See those photos are what become of us after the three packets of flour finished.
Then we go went on to the birthday cake. Took some photos, candle arranged by me :D HAHAHA, everyone get to take turns to give her some well wishes, and lastly she get to wish. Blew off the candles and we ate the cake the same old way again. With just a spoon, and pushing the cake around, everyone takes turns to eat. The cake was damn nice. See Rasyidah, I chose the right cake PINK IN COLOUR somemore :D XIAOJUN LOVE PINK AND PINK SUIT HER (tips if anyone wanna buy clothes for her.) Then Rasyidah was the last person to eat, she took a spoonful, funny that noone realised she only took the top layer of cream, and SMACK! into Xiaojun's face, and everyone started throwing cakes at one another. Whereas Zena sit there and continue eating, the cake was damn nice. Then I joined her, but we have to get hit every now and then with creams from the cake la. Then I got so irritated that I finished the last bit of the cake meant to be left for Matthio. HAHAHA. :P
Then it was the water balloons, I dont know how it started. But Rasyidah just shoved a balloon into my hand and I just threw it. And it wouldn't burst! LOL, k la, must hit the ground then it will burst. And I hit Xiaojun's back, ooops.
After which is the candles! Wonder what is it right? We wanna make Xiaojun's name out using the candles! First we tricked her by saying all the pranks and activities are over. Then Rasyidah faked that her right leg cramped, and I had to stay behind to accompany her. And they went to play blindmice. They played it in such a way that the birthday girl had to close her eyes, and we will surround her. She will put her hand on the shoulder of two person and we will lead her to the playground. We can choose whatever route we want. Aiya, actually this is to trick her so that she wont know what we're doing exactly la. Cos some of them will leave to check out the candles, whether it's done or not. And for a period Xiaojun suspected us hiding something, because I keep disappearing. So I had to go back to her and play play and go back again. LOL.
And because the candles are going out, we lied to Xiaojun that Rasyidah fainted. And surprisingly, she believe us. HAHA, how stupid can she get, seriously, she's so naive! She was running anxiously over to Rasyidah, only to find that she's okay, and the beautiful candles. She almost teared, I swear. Her eyes were watery.
Then all of us blew out the candles together. Then we sat in a circle and talked about anything and everything in school. Who we liked in class and what we thought of one another. COOL, it was fun. We always remember to make the promise that 'whatever said there, stays there.' It became like the cliques vow, cos we used it so frequently. HAHA.
Some of us went home after awhile. I accompanied Xiaojun until the last second of her birthday, and finally it's 06 February 2010, we welcomed it together. Went back home, my sister also just reached home, no wonder I never get any scoldings nor naggings.
One last time again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY XIAOJUN!
I know she had fun :D

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