Monday, January 4, 2010

Hey, I'm back from my first day in school as a Sec 3 student. Lol, not that bad actually. It feels great to be going to school with both of my sisters. I mean, hopefully I wont get sick of seeing them EVERYDAY. HAHA. It was sooo crowded in school today, and I think the most interesting and amazing thing I saw was Zhengyu. K la, I know i've been harping on it since the beginning of today, but it's really veryyyy interesting what. Zhengyu grew SOOOOO tall, he's taller than me now. Wth la, still remember how i used to enjoy staring down at him. Damn it, now it's his turn.

LOL, anyway I love my new teachers! They're, Mdm Chan and Ms Siti, both pregnant, which is damn cool. It means our class have 51 people! HAHA, cos there are 47 students in class, plus teachers and their 3/4 child, it's 51 people! LOL, maybe we should propose to Mrk Kok to make the theatrette our classroom. HEHE. Anyway, I think our class's not bad leh, not as nerdy as everyone thinks the best class would turn out to be okay! And like Zena said, I feel VERY VERY empty without 2E4's signature greeting to the teachers.

So far I only know some of my subjects teacher, still not sure of my language teachers and classes. I almost slept during Mr Siva's class, because we waited super long for him to come to class and once he came back to class he keep talking and talking. And Chaoyi and Runfa keep walking pass our classroom, and Runfa is forever making that sicko face. Seriously la, I thought he looked exactly like Alfred now! Talking about sicko face reminds me of Kevin in our class. LOL, when he's introducing himself, his eyebrow keeps twitching, and makes him look like some cheekopek la. It was super funny, I almost cried laughing at his face.

Not much, my sister said today was boring because she hate her teacher. LOL, sad for her la. OH btw! We took our height and weight today, I didnt grow any taller but I gained weight. K la, I dont really care about the weight because I'm quite happy that I gained some weight. But i realised my sister also gained weight using the school's weighing scale, so maybe it's the scales problem or something. BUT to make myself happy, I will say that the school's scale have no problem. HEHE. I thought I would grow taller la, siannnn! Cos Yingjie said I seemed to have grown taller when she saw me, damnit, she made me so happy. But turn out it's because of my shoe or something ):

HMM, really nothing much already, unless I think of something. I'm heading to Xiaojun's house now. BYEBYE :D

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