Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I guess you guys are still watching those fireworks on TV which will last for 8 minutes. And I think I will be stuck in this screen for the next few minutes, because I was stuck at a conversation for almost 5 minutes I think. AND I've been trying to send a message to my cousin for half an hour, and guess what? IT'S STILL NOT THROUGH~! Goddamnit. Is it my phone that suck or the starhub services?

I have alot of things to wish for and I hope I'm not too greedy to say I hope all of them would come through :D
1/In terms of studies, I wanna get Top 3 next year :D
2/WRSSVBDIV to get Top 4 in Northzone and move on to Nationals.
5/Oh ya, I wanna get TOP 5 for my 2.4km run! :D

YAY, anyone having the same wishes as me. I really hope you'll get it, but you got to fight with me! MUAHAHAHA!

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