Saturday, December 5, 2009

Went to cwp with Xiaojun yesterday, we made new friends. They are so funny, spent the rest of the day with them until around 11pm. Went to KFC to have lunch then headed to the cinemas to watch a M18 show, but we didnt get through as the stupid person suspected Xiaojun and I and asked for our IC. Stupid, then we changed the show to MULAN. It was a great show guys, please watch it. The front part was rather funny, and the ending was very sad. Xiaojun cried. I can even hear sniffings in the theatre, and Xiaojun and I giggled. Went to 888 plaza to have dinner, we chatted a little, but mostly Xiaojun and I just laughed among ourselves because we're not very close with our new friends. But after the night, I think we learnt quite alot from them. They're great. Chatted until 10pm plus and reached home at 11pm. Cabbed home.
Guys, please watch MULAN. The show is very nice and the girl is very pretty. She sound so man when she shout la. Go watch, very touching one.

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