Sunday, December 6, 2009

Btw, did I inform you guys that my mother, sisters and brother are finally back from my yeye's house. I missed them goddamnit lots la! My sisters both gave me a kiss when they see me, and my brother totally jumped into my embrace and he was bombarding me with all sorts of questions. Lol, yea mostly about how's my eye already. My mother's and brother's luggage was stolen at the malaysia airport, but there're insurance to claim. My mother was not much of a problem because she's going back to her hometown, surely there will be clothes for her to wear. But my brother? He so young and small, he could only borrow from my cousins which is around the same age as him la.
I miss my yeye, miss my cousins, esp Rebecca, Bernard and Brayden. HAHA, also Zhong and the rest. The minute my sisters came home, we were chatting like hell already. They told me lots of stuffs that made me miss them more. And Xinlerk and I chatted til 1am, linking from one subject to another. I swear I didnt want the night to end, I had so much to say and ask. But she's tired la, the next morning she still had to wake up early for her friendly match with Huayi Sec, and I have to wake up early for my appointment with my doctor as well.
I'm so happy to be able to start training today eventhough only 11 managed to make it today, but I hate specs, seriously. Maybe cos I long time never wear them to training already. But I still have alot to work on and the holiday's ending very soon. It's already December! AHH.

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