Monday, October 19, 2009

Right, went to cycling today. I swear I almost blacked out and that I will never go cycling again until a year after this terrible day. Met Shuiyuan and Kianshen at 9.30++ at 338, then cycle to 888 Plaza. I borrowed a bike from Alison. Going to 888 Plaza, so tired. hahaha, I cut my leg abit. Then ate at foodcourt and set off to Sembawang Park. I dreaded the thought man.

We even had to cycle at the main road. K, I was tired because of the bike I think. It's so weird, I have to paddle many more times than others. Make me more tired than others la. Then everyone had to keep resting because of me. Muahahahahaha. To reach the Park, we had to go uphill then downhill. Going uphill sucks, dont let me know if anyone like to go uphill, I'll karate chop the person's head. Lol. And as usual, going downhill rocks. Haha, so relaxing.

K, when we finally reach there it was only around one? K, so early right? Ya, enough to make me die alr. Then play colour catching at the playground. Hahaha, I was the first catcher. So catcher can touch any colour and the ground except black. And the rest can touch any colour except the ground. I climbed the purple colour ladder. And touched Shuiyuan with my leg. Hahaha. When Kianshen or Zhonghao was the catcher, I pushed Wilson towards him. Hahaha, cos he havent become the catcher. Unfair ma. Lol. Then played colour catching for quite sometime before we convert it to blind mice. Lol, Zhengyu was the catcher then. He, very good. super, lol. Open his eyes still think we cannot see. Lol, then we went to play at the swing, he super fake one leh. With his eyes 'closed' still know got people at the swing. Lol. Then we changed the rule to that, the catcher can open his eyes, but cannot let the people see he open. Hahaha. Wth right.

Then went back to cycling after a while. Sian ah. Cycle cycle, to McDonalds. {Some parts skipped} Then we rest for super long, haha, all thanks to Zhonghao and I. We keep saying,"Dont want la, so fast for what. Rest for awhile more la." when they were about to set off. Hahaha. Then cycle all the way back to Woodlands. K, I was so pissed off about the bike. Haha, but it's better than having no bike. So still must thank Alison. I was so happy to see my block. Then I got out of my bike and practically crippled all the way to my house, and did not have a chance to return Alison's bike to her house for her. Sorry. On my way home, Zhonghao keep encouraging me. Then I mumbled under my breath,"Going to die already then reach home, I die now then I immediately at home le." Hahaha. K, so this was a terrible day for me. The fun parts were so small that it makes the overall day sucks.

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