Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photos when our class was doing Service Learning:

These days quite sian, wanna watch 'Where Got Ghost' before it's no longer showing in the cinemas. Sian, then i also wanna watch 'Final Destination 3'.

Lol, my brother advertising on milk.

I got nothing to post about la. I talk about today's match with St.Joseph Convent lo.
Had match with SJC today. Sadly, it's outdoor ): We were playing okay the first round, won. I was shocked when i learnt that kelly got injured because the game just started. Lol, but she say not pain. I'm quite happy with my performance, but it can definitely be better. A few errors here and there, but overall i think it's okay.
Got abit irritated by the lightning risk alert. It keeps disrupting the game, first is int he midst of the first game, then second is in the midst of the second game. Lol, very annoying. And SJC left before we even got to finish our second match. They're quite friendly, gonna see them tmr again.

Having friendly match at Chung Cheng High Yishun tmr, SJC will be there too. Hopefully we get to play match la, because i was told that the sec twos are there to be umpire and maybe some games only. Will be able to see Ziwei, lol, and maybe the girl he talked about during truth or dare. EHEHEHEH! :D

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