Friday, August 28, 2009

haha, got this photo from Ms Lim in facebook. It was during the YOG countdown and we're sitting on the balloon volleyball court I talked to you about in my last few posts.
So, anw. Hmm, this week quite busy leh.

Gym as per normal. Circuit training, except there are some changes. 10 rounds running around the canteen was changed to 6 rounds staircase run, more tiring, haha. then circuit training was conducted around the gym room area, so squeezy, dont like. haha. Too bad lo, no choice due to the Sec 4s having prelim examinations.

Outdoor training. Missed part of the training as i had to attend the Robotics Programme. Waste of time, we just go there, read the slides, copy answers and pretend we know what to do. Haha, technique is to team up with someone who is smart. haha. Mr See is quite funny la, haha, he will suddenly talk so loud. Haha, and he keep making fun of me. Keep teasing me by saying,"How to play ball like that?" Then everyone started to tease me with that quote over and over again, lol. That's because i dont understand anything about the robotics thing, and he keep saying something i dont know, then i will ask ma. Haiyo, next tuime should keep quiet. Lol.

Went for Robotics Programme as well. Rasyidah, Dillon, Sufei and Shafiq was in my group. Haha, we had to make the robot thing. Then i was like solo, then others bushuang me. Lol, then we also started playing the minesweeper. Almost game lo, dammit. Haha, sufei is good at lame games like that. Woo, lol. Then our robot finally can move, thanks to yuxuan. And rasyidah named it scruffy, it should be peekles, PEEKLES! haha, then dont know what raziq do to it, it stopped moving. Lol, Scruffy's dead!

Self-study,went for Robotic Programme. Had damn loads of fun. Was playing with the super long ruler and tickling people's leg, then used it to hit people's butt also. Fought with Rasyidah over the ruler, and we ended up doing some martial arts or what. haha. then we also did the cross the ruler from below, see who can go lower the thing. ya, and i tricked many people into falling. wee, then Mr See told some of the class," Ytd i read newspaper got one mental patient escaped from the mental hospital, i suspect that xinpei is the one." Lol, hiakhiak, think i dont know huh. Lol, so bad la he. But he funny, make the whole programme abit more fun. I also keep playing with the masking tape, wrote names for everyone, and i named the angmoh guy named Justin 'Justin Timberlake'. haha, and gabby is being so annoying, but i forgive him, maybe he's having menses and have moodswings. HAHA. learnt from chaoyi, talking to him right now, and he's talking about moodswings. lol.

caught 'Where got Ghost?" with Pantita at cwp. Anw, i voted for the teacher's day thingy.
Teacher of the Year: Ms Shidah
Most Encouraging Teacher: Ms Janay Lim
Teacher who demonstrated all the core values: Mr Siva
Most Humourous Teacher: Mr Benjamin Lee
Most Friendly Staff Administrator: Mr Abdul Wahab
Most Friendly Canteen Vendor: Stall 8!
Woohoo, haha. The teacher of the year got people put Mrs Kok leh, lol.
Btw, as i was saying, the show was funny, but the graphics is damn fake. That seriously needs improvement. But other than that, it's funny la, funny, scary and touching. Pantita cried, haha, she says it's touching. Walked for a while and went home after that.

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