Saturday, July 18, 2009

Went to the movies with Pantita, watched "Ice Age 3". Ya, I seriously agree with Rasyidah, they're not damn hilarious leh. And the funny parts are actually quite lame. They didnt make me laugh until crazy like how I laughed when I watched "Night In The Musuem 2". Lol, and there was this old guy behind us who keep laughing damn loudly at those parts where noone, NOONE laughed. -,- and he keep making those disgusting throat sounds, eee. Lol, make me feel like he's gonna spit into my hair any minute.

Pantita and I was kind of, hmm, short of money that day. Because the decision to go to the movie was damn short, and I only had a few cents in my wallet, damn pathetic I tell you. Curse myself for eating so much that day. Lol, after that went window shopping and it sucks to be penniless. LOL.

Had outdoor training again, abit boring leh. But nevermind la, at least we got to train. No complains. Nothing much la, even if there is, I think I forgot. Hmm, Racial Harmony Day next week. I'm not wearing costumes, because I wore last year and I felt damn stupid walking around in orange. Lol. It alr sucks to be green.

Went to play basketball, I wishes I wasnt there. I rather be at home doing my homework because I had tons of them. Especially that stupid boring DNT, gave us 5 worksheets and I dont even understand a thing. Then when we got bored, guess what Mr Tay told us to do? He told us to get up, I didnt, and walk like a crab. -,- and his crab walking style is damn irritating, who bothers to do that when we're bored? Excluding Zena. LOL!

Injured my hand la, stupid. Went there, got bored, and then got injured. What else man? I think it was bored because there are alot of people, and we (stupid irritating girls) wont get a chance to play. But we did, two short boring games. I told Jonathan not to call me if he called alot of the others. Might as well stay home, never get bored, play computer, sleep and eat.

Okay, at least one interesting thing happened. Forget the bad part, get on to the good one. Eunice stepped on dogshit. Lol, somemore she not wearing shoe lo. Then she go around chasing us. Eee, lol. Disgusting la she. And she went near Kelly, Kelly screamed damn loud, until Eunice left her alone. Then Kelly and I disturbed someone on Eunice's phone, so fun. That nerd guy scold back until damn funny.

Afternoon training INDOOR! :D

Train, sms, train, sms. Hmm, then after training went to coffeeshop to eat. I'm so going to buy what Shunyi ate today, it's damn nice and i'm not telling you what it is because you will steal it from me. Hahaha, and Shunyi got all crazy about our drinks. Lol, just look at her face brighten up when she see the lime. Lol, Shunyi loves sour, in case you're not a good friend of her and dont know. LOL. And Tingfang act shy siah, actually she acting cute, then want us to take photos of her one lo.

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