Friday, July 24, 2009

This is going to be a long post. It will more or less summarise my activities for the week.

Woke up super early in the morning, the sun havent even wake up i wake up alr. Met up with some of the SL members and others. Board the bus to Woodlands Secondary School for old fols activities. The activities were held in the field. Went there, was briefed on our tasks, need to be patient to the old folks. Was assigned to be at the finishing end, need to watch closely and decide who is the first, second, third and sometimes forth. But before we begin on out task, we had to do the warm up for the brisk walk.
The warm up was very long-winded. Feel like screaming, it keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. Then the brisk walk is actually walking around the field. Finally, started on out work. Some aunties came in third or forth, or even first, and keep claiming they are second. Wonder if the second prize is better than the first.
Nothing much, the finishing part was more fun. We can play around, play frisbee etc. Then keep the pegs, then nicholas never zip his pants. Haha, he keep denying that it's the design, lol. Then i played with kelly's brother's cap. Then go around 'yoyo'ing. Lol. Very fun, then debriefed, had lunch at CC, pizzahut (Mr Siva treat) and went home.
There is this aunty that shooted the '钱不够用' and '小孩不笨'. she go around asking people whether wanna take photos with her or not. Lol, so haolian one.

No idea what i did, forgot.

Indoor training.

Racial Harmony Day everyone!
Basketballing, played with cheezels. Hmm, quite fun. Because not many people went, got to play almost all the games because we keep winning. Lol, that's why it's fun! Haha.
My blister just recovered and here comes another one -,-

Indoor training, I was very excited about the next day. Racial Harmony Day Celebration!

Finally it's Racial Harmony Day celebration! I've been waiting so long for this day, but turn out to be not as fun as i thought. Maybe because I was moody because of some things. Hah, anyways, Runfa screwed our t-shirt design. LOL, it was suppose to be nice, suppose! But, haizzzzz, wtv lo. Lol, Was dressed up in Sheela's sister costume. I didnt feel very comfortable in it. Rasyidah, Isabel and I changed in the stage in the hall. Lol, then when we came out. We saw a group of uppersec boys coming out from the other side of the stage. I totally freaked out ok.
Because maybe they were looking when i was changing omigosh. Lol.

Haha, hmm. I was very scared to go anywhere, i dont want others to see me like this. Lol, weird la i know. I'm wearing tuxudo next year, whose lending me!? haha. I think today is quite boring, keep on taking photos. Boring!

Then after school, met up with Rasyidah, Dillon and Jiesheng. Went to buy the materials needed for the party for Zena's birthday. We planned many activites as surprises and they came out all well, totally shocked them all!

But before that, we went to
Rasyidah's house, and I played the sims. Haha, that explains why we are late. We bought cake from prima deli, then the rest at fairprice, and I was choosing the cheapest for everything. the only thing we forgot was the lighter. Gah! Lol, but it still turn out well. Went to coffeeshop opp school to fill up water balloons, but ended up with only 5 as the toilet was too crowded.
Went to meet the others at the big shelter at Admiralty Park, we each took a waterballoon. Then pretended to walk perfectly normal towards them. Raziq was walking towards us
excitedly, and i took the chance to hit him with the waterballoon, Bullseye! It hit right in his chest. Woohoo, i was the one who throw first, yay! Lol, then rasyidah threw it at Beechan's head. Haha, what a start!
Then we played with flour, we all got all looking like ahma and ahpeks. Lol.
I mostly aimed at Rasyidah and Zena. Lol, it was fun. Then we decided to play truth or dare. The dare was hilarious, but the truth will be kept a secret among us. haha, so secretive. I will post the videos of the dares in my next post.

Then we played monkey using the basketball. I joined in much later and became the monkey. Lol. After awhile we decided to start on the cake. Sang happy birthday song and made Zena make a wish. She was so touched she actually cried, i took photos of them.

Zena's wish made Alison cry, it was seriously touching. Then we were deciding on how to let everyone have a chance to eat the cake. I suggested we pass the cake around, and let everyone have a chance to eat at least one spoonful. Haha, yes, we eat using spoon. No plates, no nothing. Then rasyidah was the last one to eat, she took a spoonful and stuck it to Zena's face. Lol, and we all started the cake smash. Farhan just took a handful and aimed it at my face, it was so accurate, damn. Then rasyidah wiped her hands with the cream and wiped it on my face. Everyone was throwing cakes around while Farhan, Joel and Rasyidah was eating the cake. Smart peoples.

Everyone got extremely dirty, those that are cleaner are maybe, Max and Chuanseng. haha, Yuxuan and Dillon also so clean. The dirtiest is Rasyidah and Zena. Lol, this smashing is good man! Rasyidah and I smashed the leftover cakes and decided to smash it onto Zena's face. We were looking for her, she was buying her drinks at the vending machine. Rasyidah just bang it into her face, and the board just stuck there. then Dillon still go and twist and turn it. Zena was too shocked to do anything i guess. Then she took the board and look for rasyidah, then rasyidah pushed the board into her face again. Haha.
Then, we played afew rounds of police and thief and went home, it was fun. It was the best party ever, and dirtiest too. everyone was dying to get back home and shower. Haha, i'm feeling so clean now yay!

Ahh, i know my post is all over the place, but just bear with it k? I dont know what blogger's up to again.

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