Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's great to see Pantita back again,
missed her alot.
Especially during the rehearsal for the team cheer,
I realised I really need her to boost up the team.
Lol, anws, played basketball yesterday with:
Shuiyuan, Alison, KianSheng, Wenxuan, Jonathan, Kelly and Qiaoyi,
in the morning got Shawner and a christ church guy.
Shuiyuan gave me a morning call super early in the morning,
at 7am.
We agreed to meet at 8am at cwp breadtalk,
but I really cannot get myself out of bed la.
Slept at 2am last night leh, all because of Shuiyuan la.
Talk talk talk, play games.
So I continued sleeping, but he keep calling.
So I switched my phone to silent mode, without vibrations.
That gave me a peaceful two hour of sleep.
I woke up at 9am,
Alison called me and I got changed and everything.
Went to Mandai Tekong Park.
Morning was fun,
we played with a rule that boys had to stay one metre away from the girls.
and of course that made us have a chance to touch the ball la.
then rested, and headed for lunch.
did not eat, and regretted not eating as I got hungry in the library.
then headed to shuiyuan's house as Alison and I wanted to surprise Kelly.
Lol, but in the end...
Locked outside the house, no key to enter.
walau, trick us to his house only.
but at least his house got food to eat, not like rasyidah's.
hahaha, then eat, play, then went to
Lol, went to the library for some of them to do homeworks.
helped jonathan to do mother tongue,
haha, i tried to suit his handwriting and it turned out uglier.
I refused to change and he told me not to do in the end.
Lol, then helped KianSheng to do the blog thing.
Do until very well ok, then i play, hehehe.

then went to play basketball again,
no not play,
is go there watch -,,-
bored til death la.
I dont know what happen la,
but i got sick of both basketball and volleyball that day.
i think got sick of volleyball because the ball keep flying and keep having to run for the ball -,,-
hahaha, lazy la.

That's about it la, bye.

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