Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally, Blogger rocks again! Haha, I have tons of photos to upload. Be patient ok, haha, one photo each post. So continue coming to my blog la. Lol. Anyways, this week is a totally basketball, or rather sports, week for me. Haha, even without training, I'm feeling fit! haha. I'm stuffing myself with healthy food and good exercises. I finally know how to play basketball, lol. Ya, I dont know how to play. Haha, I didnt actually master all the skills, but at least I know how to keep the game going la. Just go around screaming and shouting lo. hehe, I heard someone say that basketball can snatch ball as long as you dont contact his/her hand, then today I go around smacking their balls then they say foul one? Haha, okay, maybe I was alittle rough. But I thought it was suppose to be like that. Haha, I'm cool man!

Anyways, had fun the day before yesterday and today playing basketball. It was raining the day before yesterday, and I caught a flu the next day. It was horrible, I almost finished all my tissue paper in school. And my mother tongue teacher thought I was crying, haha, and at that time I was reading chinese newspaper for the newspaper clipping.

Was raining. Went to Mandai Tekong Park, played volleyball bare-footed. I was damn high, I dont know what I was doing. Actually I forgot what happened, but anyway I know it's fun. I think I went around slapping people with the big dry leaf right. And Runfa 'cried', haha, no la, is the dirt in the leaf go inside his eyes I think. Then he go press my head like I was some shorty, curse those tall peoplessss. Runfa, you watch out. haha.

Hmm, then for one moment I got real bored and I was singing with Yuping. Haha, then Eunice was like, "You're suppose to go off tune. (for vballers, the farewell performance.)" Then I was like, "Hur! Dont want leh!" Then it goes off tune, haha, then eunice happy. Lol. Then I got damn bored again and Runfa saw my face. He taught me how to shoot, I KNOW HOW TO SHOOT OKAY! Haha, okay la, improving! Lol, then everytime my ball went somewhere else, he go take. Haha, and I do all the shootings, he's like the ball-picker. Lol, then sometimes the ball went so far, I just take other balls and shoot. Then the team playing with the ball was like, "Oi, you good ah, you good." haha, then give me a face because I never shoot it in la. Lol.

Then Eunice came along and Runfa and I taught her how to shoot. I dont know how to teach, so I picked out examples. I was like, " ahh, you see Runfa shoot, dont learn from him. Ahh, there there there, you see the small guy, eventhough never in, you should learn from him. Ahh, you see that guy, show off only lo." Haha.

Then FINALLY man, it's our turn to play the game. Was teamed up with Runfa, Eunice and a christ church guy. Haha, erm, did we win? I forgot. Lol. I go around shouting, "Give me! Give me!" Lol, it was fun. I used alot of my techniques, hmm, but never get the ball. But hey, someday I will. Lol. Yea, someday!

Bad flu, ahhh, h1n1! Haha, nothing much la. Stay at home do homeowork :D

Short day in school. Went to chaoxin's house after school, dig out some food from her fridge, manage to get some ham and bread. I eat it cold, they eat it hot, then they say it's disgusting. Really meh? My whole family eats it cold, as breakfast. Maybe they're different from us, but anws the ham is nice :D Haha, got changed, watched some show. then went down to look for Shuiyuan and Kiansheng.

Kiansheng said Shuiyuan fell down, hahaha. We played volleyball for awhile only then so many poeple came, ya many people I DONT KNOW came. Lol, most of them I roughly know their names, but I never even talk to them before lo. Then I got damn sian, then Shuiyuan, Jenny, Pantita, Kiansheng and I teamed up and played with other strangers. Lol, hmm, we lost right? Walau, we can win one ok. Lol, just one more point. haha, then played with another three strangers. We won ok, lol, not so noob. I was bugging for them to let me shoot lo, must have trust in me ma. Tsktsk, haha, but I scored quite a few right, hehehe.

Then hmm, the boys played again with the three strangers, and they won damn easily lo. They three vs three leh. Then make me feel like the three of us, girls, cannot be compared to one of them lo. Haha, then when we were playing with them, the points was like struggling you know. argh, haha. then went to play volleyball again, we all got crazy about who will get the ball when the ball flies. I mean, the ball flies, then we keep shouting, "Give me! Give me!" then we see who the person give the ball to. haha, I started it first by standing on a tall tall thing and shouted, but the goddamnit person never give me, despite being so tall, still useless. Haha. Then Jenny and Pantita also got crazy over that thing. Haha, Matthio joined us for volleyball. He play until damn funny, hmm, I think is more gay than funny. Lol, his expression hor. Lol, then when he play basketball also damn funny lo, I dont know is his trick or what, but damn funny.

then moved to another court, Alison and I went to look for the Hongxiang and Ruixiang (unidentical twins!), god, I missed them. I saw Hongxiang alot of times la, but then Ruixiang is the cute one I wanna see. Lol. Hongxiang is shuai (pls, too young for me! Haha.), but Ruixiang is cute. Damn it, you surely come fight with me if you see him lo. I got their photos, upload them next time k, provided if I remember. Haha. They were not at home I think, nevermind then. Lol, I picked up my courage to knock their door then they not around. Haha. Sad la.

Then went to the MegaSports Court to play basketball. Teamed up with Shuiyuan, Matthio, Alison and I. I think I was playing too rough, lol. Because Weiyuan got injured because of me twice. Once in the mouth I think, then another in his head. I totally smacked his head, haha. I was being overprotective la, walau, need to protect myself right. He came and tried to get the ball from me and accidentally hit my head, so I just went piak back him. haha, then the one in the mouth, hmm forgot. But it was really an accident. Lol, I'm not so bad ok. Hmm, I think we lost la. Haha, I will try to be more gentle next time k. haha, seriously, the fun part about basketball is that you can play it rough what, just like rugby. That's why I like rugby so much. Haha.

Bought bubbletea, Shuiyuan left along with some of the rest. drank finish and went home, had a good shower and dinner. Hmm, watched 'Hairspray' on tv, it's nice. Lol, their hair and stuffs, the songs! Lol.

That's all la, damn long post.

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