Friday, July 31, 2009

Hmm, many things happened this week and they're all quite interesting. I'm not sure if I'll miss out anything, but i try my best la. Lol.

Gym. Is it this day that I was moody when I reach school? Lol, I forgot which day was it. But thanks Zena, Rasyidah, Qianwen and the rest who aked me if i was okay. I'm fine! Lol, family matters and long story, dont ask me what happened, I'm sick of explaining. Lol. Okay, so hmm. I only went to Qianwen to consult my problems because I'm more used to talking to her about my problems la. I wanted to tell someone about my problem when they asked, but I burst out crying instead. Haha, aiya, too emotional. -,- So not like me, ok. No more tears, use more baby johnson. K lame. Lol. Wtv la. Just dont ask me about the problem alr hor.

Training. I think it's this day that I cried. Okay, forgot, STM. Haha. Nothing much today la, no-life day for me. Coach didnt attend training today, so we just did those normals drills and set games. We were totally slacking and I didnt like it.

Assembly in the hall, finally had assembly. It's the students' investiture, where the student councillors are recognise. So little only, hopefully this can allow me to attend the OBS and Sec 2 Camp with them. Hehe, lol. Wanna be like my sis ma, have the chance to have so much fun. Finally the councillors have their ties, but abit not used to it. Gotta get used to it la, see those naughty faces now matured alr. LOL. Kelly is finally matured! Haha.

Xiaojun told me her eyes hurt, and she was sent home because she cried. Lol, I know everything Xiaojun. Hehe. I cant believe she actually came back to sch just to take her homeworks. I was about to go to her house to give her one lo. Hur, then drag her not to attend the conversational malay. So went to admiralty to eat KFC, and we went causeway point. we chatted alot la, then went to the nursing room to play. Lol, we were quiet at first ok, just chat inside one of the rooms. Then when noone alr, we practically went crazy lo. And I sang so loudly that a cleaner came inside and shot us a distorted look. Lol. Then we sang like we're in karoke until the auntie came back in again to mop the floor. and I was like trying to take a photo of her from under the door. Didnt succeed. Haha. Then met with hongye to playyyy!

Went to his house and played with his keyboard. I dont know how to play keyboard, just anyhow try the titanic one. I only know the first part, Hongye started humming until i go out of tune and trying to get back. Haha, but couldnt. So i gave up and watched the stupid american idols with them. lol, some of them quite funny, but some i think the judges are too much. Got one is crazy girl scolding back at the judges at the X-factor. lol, we thought her singing was good, but they're looking for talents, not normal singers like her, and the girl was so pissed off she starting to scold back like some idiots la. Haha, go find yourself.

Just as we were about to go home, i told hongye I wanted a mirror. Then we saw a wig on the mirror, we took it and play. There's some photo of it i posted. Check them out. Hongye looked like a girl when he wear it lo, then he give act cute pose somemore. He told me to post his shuai shuai photos. Haha. It was fun.

Ziwei smsed me, long time never see him and richard alr. Lol, will have chance. We play bball tgt!

today! Didnt want to go home so early, but thought about my activities for the weekend and changed my mind. Lol, there's training tmr in the morning. Then i gotta rush home, shower and change and everything. My mum say go rasyidah's house shower since we doing the project at her house. yay, so i'm gonna shower at her house. K, hmm. then sunday also got activities, but not confirmed yet la. Stayed at home today, do homework and play comp. Left with newspaper clipping now. And i wanna catch up abit on geog, not gonna care about history. I'm gonna take geog. Before that my sis keep telling my history is good, then i was like trying to find interest in history, but i cant. I dont understand a single thing about history lo, and i dont even know about Hitler. Lol, so geog rocks. haha.

Rasyidah wrote a post, k, actually is two posts about me. haha, the second one is so much better ok. Lol, okay. Touched, but never cry ok. And I strongly recommend you guys to rea 'I Believe You' by Low Kay Hwa. It will definitely make you cry, because I did. Lol. Damn nice story.

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