Saturday, July 25, 2009

F R I E N D S f o r e v e r

Hmm, I'm bored. And I feel like talking about my friends.

We are always together, whatever we do, we want to be together. We play together, laugh together, do silly things together (like sitting on each other laps to form a long row of human chain in the bus stop? Or go around unbuckling people's bra? Haha.), celebrate CNY together, dance together (farewell party), maybe singing too. Lol, god! We are damn bonded man. There was one training where we all (well, almost all) tied scorpians during trainings. Lol, and Eunice's survived the whole
training, hmm, others died. Lol, I hope we will have a chance to play truth or dare together again, it was goddamnit fun. Lol, we do the most stupid things in the world! Hope there will be another overseas trip! Okay, makes me remind of Jinyan, makes me wanna cry! I miss her very much. And she's so shuai!
Juniors, you're gonna feel the same way I do next year!

Right, went through so much together with her. Punishments during trainings, de-briefing with her to the team (we didnt know what to say during the first time. At a loss.), reprimanding the team and also juniors for doing the wrong things. There are alot, simply too much to mention. Sometimes, our advices and instructions fell on deaf ears and we
still had to find ways to let them listen, whether is it begging them or talking sense into them, we just had to make them listen. But most of it come from their hearts, they dont wanna listen, they wont.
I remember actually Chaoxin and I were not close, we were in p2, but afterwards no more. Then we made friends with each other once more in sec1, we like became the best of friends lo. I tell her all of my deepest darkest secrets man. Lol, shhhh.
I remember I first went to her house damn shy, then just sit in the living room look around. But now, hiakhiak, I go to her house, call her mother 'mummy', her sister 'er/dajie' and fight with her brother. Or when I'm hungry I just go through her fridge and ask for some food to eat. Sometimes I even had to make my own milo, get the biscuits and after that wash them -,- which I hate most. Lol, I would always use "Hey, I'm the guest leh!" as an excuse, but hmm, cant use that now. Lol. And chaoxin is getting crazier now, going to go crazy like me alr. Lol, beware everyone!

God, I started knowing her in sec1 when she keep on tapping my left shoulder when she's on my right, and I would turn to my left and she would do the 'haha' in my face! Lol, I still fall for the trick now, and the best way not to get the 'haha' in my face is to not turn your head anywhere. Lol. Then our first seating arrangement got Rasyidah sitting right infront of me. I dont know how it started, but she immediately became the joker in class. And we started chasing around in class. Lol, we slapped each other in the face, then slap back and fight, and I would scratch her, or squeeze her neck area. Lol, I cant imagine one day not fighting with her. Haha.
I remember this year after the June Holidays, we didnt talk alot and we never fight. Lol. I got bored in school very easily. Lol, nothing to do. Then I dont know how it started again, but we started fighting alr. I guess hor, I really need someone that I can hit sometimes. Because in primary school, I always did that with Diyanah. And when I first saw Rasyidah, I thought her character was exactly like Diyanah, in primary school. Lol, both are my best friends.

She is special, haha, because we are close in a different way. We are close because we live close to each other. LOL, haha. No la, is because we dont talk alot in schools, only except sometimes la. I think she is also my good friend because I wont even hesitate to share my thoughts and secrets with her. I always ask her for opinions, and I feel very safe when talking to her. It's like I just cleaned my mind of worries. Aiya, very hard to describe la, you try having a friend like her then you know alr ok. Lol. We always eat together outside, haha. We ate seoul garden tgt, sakae sushi (twice!) and gonna go have buffet soon but not sure when. Eating with hongye is fun, haha, xiaojun eat too little le, not fun, at least hongye can eat with me. Haha, so Xiaojun, go train your appetite!

So, thank you my friends!

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