Friday, June 26, 2009

Continuation of the previous post.

Volleyball outing to sentosa, eventhough little people went.
Xinlerk, Cass, Yingjie, Hannah, Tingfang, Qianwen, Jingyee, Trudie, Yanni, Weeteng and Me.
Went to Vivocity and waited for Giant to open.
Chatted with Qianwen while waiting.
and bought a bottle of drink for only one dollar.
and the bottle is super big. Lol.
The drink is nice too.
We chatted until the rest left Giant and we were still walking.
Lol, then they came looking for us.

In the tram.

Went to Pelawan Beach and couldnt find any volleyball courts.
sad la, looked all over for it.
And we saw a Peahen.

Buried my sister in the sand as it is her dare.
Yea, we played truth or dare, again.
Nothing much actually,
there's no sun, so no sun tanning.
drizzled a little.
then went home at around the evening.
In the mrt on the way home, i slept.
Lol, i was damn tired.
we woke up super early in the morning to go to sentosa.
then i dreamt that i capsize, lol.
and i suddenly jerk up and i awoke.
Qianwen sat next to me and she was shocked.
haha, walau.
i think noone else saw right, i look damn stupid i bet.
reached home at around 7 to 8 plus and immediately slept.
all the way to 11am the next morning.
Haha, damn tired.

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