Friday, May 15, 2009

EXAMS ARE OVER, and so is my birthday.

My durian birthday cake!
Haha, d24 one hor.

Rasyidah monkey at McDonalds,
with that fatty behind. haha.

Haha, they say it hurts.
I got the video, but dont show you leh! haha.

Right, this guys posed quite a few photos.

Shafiq and Raziq

Stamford Raffles and Superman!

Eyan, the E-Y-A-N Eyan, haha.

behind the scenes? haha.

wow, shafiq is flying!

bullying eyan.

okay, exams are finally over.
after today's Mathematics Paper 2, we, volleyballers cleared the pe room.
But before that, we went to KFC to eat.
funny la, we take coupons like auntie like that.
kelly and pan la.
omg, haha.
the pe room was damn EWWWW!
there's so many rubbish,
if i were Mrs Kok, i would makeover it.
haha, all the rubbish cannot be throwed away somemore.
must put it somewhere, we decided to place it somewhere we cant see, haha.
so we are so clever, we put it near the cat shit,
which is behind the metal cupboard at the back.
and yes, there's cat shit inside.
How do we know it's cat shit?
we saw a cat ran out of the pe room that time, forgot when.
and it left behind a pile of black stuffs,
so what do you think it was?
finally, when everything was done.
we played in the hall.
it was fun,
we played volleyball and badminton.
eventhough we suck at badminton,
oh not we is .. me.
ahaha. really la, i suck compared to pantita.
damn her. lol!
played until about 4pm.
decided to go home, but the rain...
lol, so we dashed across the road like bloody mad women!
but we go coffeeshop la.
the rain made us all so cold.
haha, went home after that.
saw wanxin on the bus, hahahahahahaha.
yay, i'm freaking happy you know.
i think you can see that from the way i post, haha.
i might be working part-time!
i hope i get my job, omg.
it must be so exciting,
i'm so excited!
wow!!!!! hahahahhaa, so happy.
working with chaoxin during sundays only.

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