Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well, I am really enjoying myself after the exams! Haha.
Went to AMKhub with Pantita,
It was really nice, you can laugh real hard and also cry.
Haha, Pantita cried.
I think it's normal, hahaha.
The fun part is when the girl speaks in English, and the boss speaks in Japanese.
and they dont understand each other, haha.
the boss will imitate her until very funny.
Spent most of my money on food,
lol I eat alot, that's why.
Mos Burger, Mango fruit, Sharks' fin soup, and etc etc.
Shopped around, bought a present for Qianwen.
haha, it's so nice.
I bet that she will love it like blooody hell!
And we also bought something for the farewell party,
hmm, it's like a prize or something.
wanted to buy a wallet,
but used them up when buying Qianwen's present and the stuff for farewell party.
haha, we'll be there again.
Went to Civic Centre with Chaoxin to fill in the forms for the job.
Hmm, decided not to take the job in the end.
Because it requires us to work on both Saturday and Sunday and also after school.
We have training on Saturday, and there will be homeworks.
Boo, i wanted that job!
But nevermind, ate at KFC, Old Chang Kee, etc etc.
Walked around, saw Zixuan.
He look the same okay, still handsome what, where got ugly.
we were both curious to know why we never see any of our friends.
haha, because there should be alot of them after exams what.
then we went for friends hunt.
haha, hmm, cant say we succeeded.
Chaoxin say it's because after exams should go further than cwp.
LOL! Bullcrap!
then on the way home saw chaopeng.
they were going to play badminton with Jialing, Jiaen, Alison and Tiffany.
Went with them and left after awhile.
Got changed and headed to my ahma's house.
Uncle Chris, get well soon!

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