Friday, February 27, 2009

Went out with Pantita, Yingjie and Jody to buy chaoxin's birthday present.
Went to buy bra first,
stayed there for quite some time as we cannot find one that suits her.
Finally bought 2, haha, one hot pink and one purple.
Both are nice :D
Haha, then head to some shops to buy other presents for her.
Went to more than words and bought 4 small toys and stuffed them inside a box.
haha, the toys are of different types, that why 4.


Chaoxin's birthday!
Haha, intended to give her presents only during recess,
so that when she go back to class you know,
so many present that she look stupid.
Lol! we sang birthday song to her super loudly,
then sensored! Haha.
I think the song should go like this (inspired by jiajing's note to chaoxin):
Happy birthday toot you,
happy birthday toot you,
happy birthday toot chaoxin,
happy birthday toot you!
Haha, then it adds on to the momentum of vb's secret!
Haha, nice~
After that had training,
and I caused chaoxin to injured her leg.
Omg, sorry D:
It makes it a memorable birthday like what chaoxin said,
but i didnt do it on purpose! Lol.

Decided to buy a cake after school to celebrate chaoxin's birthday again,
haha, we sure know how to have fun right!
After school, headed to admiralty with Pantita, Jenny and Shueli.
Bought a cake at a bakery,
the cake cost about $26,
quite cheap.
Then we were about to go,
but i wanted the breads!
haha, they smell super nice, and it is 3 for $2.50.
Jenny and Shueli went to buy flour.
So cheap only, so bought quite a few and ate on the way to admiralty park.
Tricked chaoxin that the security guards dont let us in,
as we wanted to throw flour at her!
Haha, school would never allow that!
Lol, then as she was coming,
we sang the birthday song and after that,
ran to her and threw flour.
haha, she cant run away rmb?
She injured her leg.
Lol, then played with flour.
Then ate the cake.
it was nice, but i eat until very full.
Lol, then left 2 pieces for alison and shunyi/jody.
but only left for alison, and we ate the last piece.
it was super fun.
We even made pottus with flour.
Haha, took some photos, but they're not with me.
With eunice and yingjie i think.
I'll try to get them and post it.
We cleaned ourselves up after that and headed to school.
Gtg, ciao.

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