Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Me, Simon and Diyanah.
We look so retarded.
But it's looked exactly like the old times we had.

Went to Wdp after our match against Anderson.
Played rather badly. ):
Anyway, let's talk about the happy part okay?
Actually the trip to WDP is just to look around la.
never thought of helping out as we reached thr quite late.
When we sign in,
we went to the canteen.
Got some kids talk to us la.
I like the canteen!
Because I'm taller than all of them and can see their head.
Everything looked small, and cute.

Then went to the hall,
meddle around with simon's phone.
and disturbed Eugene, Hidhir and Wenxuan.
Haha, i was bored you see :D
Then played with the handball.
Sec 2s VS others.
I think the seniors won.
Lol, the height is super unfair.
and sorry kangraye.
Those 3 balls that went through your leg all i shoot one.
Haha, i dont know how it happened la.
But when i got used to the touch,
it felt so swift and everything goes right,
and the ball went as usual through the person's leg.

then went home :D

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