Friday, September 5, 2008

went to the library to do homework with diyanah and yongxiang ytd,
seriously, i thought it was a stupid idea to do homework with DIYANAH.
And i went there to do only a piece of paper
I learnt from my lesson not to go library with DIYANAH anymore!
went there, diyanah keep toppling my pencilcase upsidedown.
then went to search for puberty books when we got hornier,
and then we got even more hornier.
cos you know what's inside the puberty book right?~
then i was struggling with the piece of paper homework when diyanah went to search for more puberty books,
in total, there are 4 puberty books alr.
then i so-called finished my paper and we headed downstairs for lunch.
Ate mcdonald :D
okay, i was the last to finish eventhough i bought it first.
yongxiang really can eat that burger within a minute,
no joke.
Still rmb in pri sch, he challenge with deion to eat noodles?
LOL, yongxiang say not he pay, is deion pay.
then we went to cwp to play arcade,
yongxiang paid $6,
and we used $3 to play the catch the toy thing,
i was so annoyed that i started banging the door lol.
then played hoops.
AHAHA, i won diyanah.
Then diyanah top up $5,
played the catch toy thing again -,-
but to no avail.
then the sweet thing?
Diyanah didnt even want the sweet, lol
Then played motorcar.
I won diyanah, again (ehehehe)
then i top up $5,
play racing car,
i won diyanah, AGAIN!
Lol, then we play the soccer thing.
Yongxiang anyhow shoot also can goal.
Then i shoot cannot goal.
what crap.
then wasted our $$.
so go back to the library.
was half way up the escalator when diyanah's mother called,
and she had to go.
Yongxiang and i left,
so we go home also.
so bored.
still got homework havent do finishhhh.
then still need to revise.

Hey, my mother made pizza today again.
she made twice this week.
and we were her guinea pigs.
the first time not very nice,
but this time it's delicious!
this week, my mother cooked alot of special things
2 pizza, steamboat, creampuff & chocolate cereal cookies.

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