Thursday, February 7, 2008

Yesterday was Chinese new year eve :D
School ends at 11am.
At first in class,
got the fixing of mickey mouse jigsaw puzzle [500 pieces],
and the couplets and lantern making.
I did the couplets,
me and xiaojun went down to the flagpoles thr and copy,
The lantern making was really great,
those guys in my class made a spongebob square pants lantern, cool~
While, for the jigsaws,
We did for a long time,
And the whole thing kind of get a little messay,
but we finished it anyway :D
Then got concert,
Got modern dance,
they dance my previous blog song leh, HAHA.
then got chinese dance,
then got guzeng,
when they do the fast fast the one like hand trembling like that hor,
the xiaojun go and say their hand cramp alrd,
then when they did some kind of actions,
she go and say they wiping the floor,
then after the concert is alrd after 11 am,
and diyanah is calling me,
i was like, ganjiong alrd lo.
then tcher somemore still want us to go back to class.
What really pissed me was,
when we went back to class,
half the class was alrd gone.
Then i was like, i'm in a more hurry,
and those ppl just ran off like that,
Then tcher say whatever craps,
then give out goodies -.-
then make us greet her like she's a queen [GOSH!]
i sat in the front row,
then i never greet her,
she saw,
then she call my name,
then ask me greet her,
then i greet damn fast and just sped off,
because i know she will look at me for very long,
and diao me.

After that got onto the bus,
and keep cursing that ms shidah.
and everyone was like looking at me.
Then when reach the wps bus stop alrd,
the bell got something wrong,
then the bus never open the door.
Then got someone help me. :D
Then i was like running to the main gate,
because diyanah is rushing me,
and make me so anxious,
like the school gate going to close alrd like that. -.-
Then i want to go upstairs,
but the security guard say what,
simple eng cannot understand is it?
Must wait for tcher to bring us up.
Then i was calling diyanah,
when she screamed from the second floor.
What's really unfair is,
Yongxiang came later than me,
and he can go up earlier than me without getting caught by the sg.
Then go upstairs,
everyone call me a nerd,
i wore this specs because of the sch rule!
The rule says: Hairclips, specs, jacket, watch and shoe MUST be black.
They got alot of stupid tradiotions.
Then took photos with sarah and diyanah,
pls dont post it!
Then the chianing come later than me,
she never get to come up,
Then went to eat lunch together,
chianing and xiaomin hor,
still the same leh.
chianing is everytime when i make her laugh,
she will SURELY hit me one,
Then xiaomin hor,
is people keep calling her shorty lo,
ate lunch at mos burger,
Wait for so long la,
then when the waiter come looking for the number,
me and xiaomin put up our number,
guess what? It's coming our way!
Then she say cheeseburger,
which is mine!
Then i just say ,'yay, mine!'
Then chianing, xiaomin and my sister laugh alrd -.-
LOL, hungry what.

Me and my sister have to get home before 2pm for reunion dinner.


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