Sunday, February 22, 2015

Adapting with changes

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about this space yet. The semester started about two months ago and school has been merciless towards me, probably because my timetable for the previous semester was way too relaxed and now I'm suffering the wrath of a few crazy modules. 

Also, I haven't gotten the chance to update about getting into Eusoff Hall! I was put on the waiting list for the first round of application and thankfully I got a spot! Unfortunately, Nessie didn't get in at the same time as me (she's in hall now though cos apparently there were still a few vacancies, some residents moved out early into Semester 2) so we didn't get to room together :( I got a nice room mate though except it's awkward to change in front of her, and she probably can't stand how long I take to get ready in the morning and have to leave the lights on, and I stay up till really late in the morning, and the list can go on forever because I want to room with Nessie. We tried negotiating to switch rooms but she refused. I guess I understand where she's coming from. Having to switch rooms meant she have to move all her stuffs out and not many people would be willing to do that. Hopefully, Nessie and I will get to room together next semester! 

Hall life has been awesome for me so far. I managed to catch a lot more sleep than I would have if I stayed at home as I saved time on transport (and money too!). I definitely haven't been eating much since I got into hall cos they only provide breakfast and dinner, and most of the time I'm too lazy to go out to get lunch whenever I'm in my room. I also got to spend a lot more time with my school mates and made lots of new friends! The environment in Eusoff Hall is so inviting and friendly. I feel super welcomed here even though I'm new to the hall. I kinda envisioned lots of gossips and dramas, backstabbing and shit but nope, I haven't experienced any so far and the people in EH are awfully nice. I haven't been missing home too much except for my little brother. I'm hardly used to not seeing him everyday and getting to hug him whenever I want. Weekends are very precious to me as it's the only time in the week I get to spend time with my family. Also, I think time away from my family actually made me closer to them (strange but true). My parents and I are more tolerant towards each other as we know we barely get to see each other now, so most of the time when I get to see them we don't quarrel or raise our voices. It's a nice feeling actually.

Let me digress. Biggest struggle when staying in hall is having to divide all my favourite things, like make up products, clothes, shoes, undies, bra omg I hate it I want to wear them whenever I feel like it and I can't. Sometimes I don't know if I'm making the right decisions leaving these things at home when most of my days are spent in hall...but what if I need it when I get back home. Gosh, not sure if I'm the only one who feels this way but yeah. And forget about ironing clothes now ok, I have to do my own damn laundry, hang them and fold them once they're dry. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME TO IRON CLOTHES. I actually rewear my clothes several times before finally washing them. Like my jeans? I wore them for almost two months already HAHAH, seriously, I learnt a lot about rationing my clothes, energy and time after coming into hall. Not to forget I have to clean my own room once in a while (I do it about once a week, just cos there's too much hair everywhere) and change my bedsheets once a month. 

So, getting into hall meant that I had to quit my job at Bojangles cos I'm no longer just a 5min walk away from there. I took a day off my first week in hall to walk around Holland Village (15min bus ride from Kent Ridge Terminal behind Eusoff Hall, or 3 MRT stops away from Kent Ridge) to see if I can get a job there. Marz and Nessie works there anyway so it'll be fun to see a familiar face during work and go out together after our shifts. I got a job at Three Crowns @ Holland Village and I really like working there. The people are friendly, they aren't strict on the attire and I get more tips compared to when I work at Bojangles. The pay there isn't that impressive though. I usually get to earn about 100$ a day at Bojangles (tips + bonuses) but I only get about 70$ per night at Three Crowns (including tips, they have no bonuses). And I don't have the luxury of getting straight cash after every shift anymore so the ATM is now my best friend. Recently I have a problem with the bartender there so I'm not sure if I'm gonna continue working there. Nothing annoys me more than being treated like a new comer. Going back to Bojangles is really tempting though, especially since I've been working there for almost 6 months and I'm so familiar with everything there, all the regular customers etc. Staying in hall makes me miss my home ground (Woodlands) like crazy. I even miss walking to Causeway Point from home to meet my Woodlands kakis for a meal or a movie. I also miss studying at Woodlands Starbucks, missing all the friendly baristas. Even though NUS has several really nice Starbucks outlets (the one in utown is especially chill for overnight studying), nothing beats Woodlands Starbucks lah. I can't wait to head there to study during this recess week!!!

With my boys (emcee on the left and DJ on the right)

God I followed his youtube videos for so long. It actually took me several drinks to have the courage to approach him for a photo HAHA

Staycation at Hotel Jen

Been hitting the clubs pretty often these days, maybe because I no longer have to answer to my parents and worry about coming home smelling like alcohol and cigarettes anymore, and also it's a lot more convenient for me to head to clubs straight from my work place now. Just when my friends and I were thinking we might be getting sick of clubbing...HAHA I swear the clubs missed us (jk)!!! It's really nice to see familiar faces in the clubs ahhh feels like home to me.

trying really hard not to laugh cos I look like a samurai warrior here

I booked for a hair appointment a day before the eve of Chinese New Year and I finally finally got to even my hair out. I swear to God I will never ever bleach my hair again, it's so difficult to get the colors to be even I was really contemplating on chopping the entire thing off. When I first bleached it, I didn't expect it to be so yellow and gross. I can't believe I stuck with that hair for so long. And my many attempts of trying to even the colors out failed terribly. Hopefully this color lasts for a really long time cos after all, I went to quite a reputable hair salon (Toni&Guy). I paid only 20$ for the service cos an intern helped to do my hair. 


Anonymous said...

so lucky you got into EH! is there any chance do you think to get in in year 2? :(

Anonymous said...

Hi, is Life Science course fun?

Anonymous said...

Hi possible to post your ootds for uni?


Hello 1st anonymous, I think it's rather hard to get into any halls past the first semester of year 1. In fact, even though I got into Eusoff in semester 2, I still can't guarantee a spot for the following year :(

Hello 2nd anonymous, I think it depends on individual and the contents being taught. At time, I really have no idea what I'm doing in Life Science, but other times the things being taught to us are just so fucking fascinating hahaha.

Hello 3rd anonymous, I don't really dress up to attend classes. I basically just mix and match the basics and try not to look the same everyday. White tops, crop tops and denim shorts are my best friends. HAHA