Thursday, March 13, 2014

Drown my sorrow, no tomorrow

Life of an unemployed person (on weekdays) is mundane, and sad, oh and broke, but thank god I have a boyfriend who is not in NS (yet). So Pezzo is being a son of a bitch and decided that part-timers can only commit 4 hours a day so as to be fair to the full-timers. Apparently their system was just fucked up in a way that part-timers used to have more flexible schedule and were able to earn more than full-timers, so everything changed now, and we decided that earning 28$ a day is not worth it. 

We sent our application forms to be relief teachers in Secondary Schools! Who can imagine us being teachers? HAHA

Being unemployed also means I have more time for my family! My cousin came over from Malaysia a few weeks back to find a job and settle down here. He's my favourite cousin and it's his first time here in SG. It was when I tried scouting for places to bring him to explore that I realize how incredibly boring Singapore is. Shopping in Singapore is not worth it because everything is so expensive. There's not much sights to see in Singapore either, and many attractions here are really costly! What we mostly did was go out and find nice places to eat. My family and I went to Crystal Jade for a really good meal to celebrate Xinlerk's birthday as well as my good grades! 

Today, Xintien and I brought my cousin to Civics Centre for Sakae Sushi Buffet. While chatting about school life and past experiences, we came to a conclusion that teachers remember bad students better than good students. HAHAHA I wished there was a time for me where I slept in hostels with all my friends though. That would really make precious memories. 

Last Friday, a few friends of Sheela's and Maria's friends, as well as Jon and I gathered at Clarke Quay to celebrate both their birthdays. I think it's really special how Jon can click with my friends so well and that all of us are really open people. I really believe Jon and I can do anything together and that there's nothing in this world that can pull us apart.

Cheap food and great company! 
(I gave Maria that gorgeous dress she was wearing that day.)

We headed down to Zouk afterwards and met up with a few more friends. We bumped into so many familiar faces and the dance floor was so crowded. I got to stay the night at Jon's place because his parents were away (yay to big comfy bed!). Spent the day looking after his brothers, and working on the weekends.

As I said, unemployed life is horribly boring and nothing much that is exciting happened recently, except for the fact that I got another tattoo but it's not completed yet so I guess I'll talk about it again once and for all when it's totally completed. I am in love with my new ink in so many aspects (that I will talk about as soon as it's done). I love it!!!

Oh, I have also been busy applying for various universities and my brain is wrecked, like all of a sudden I have no idea what I wanna do in life and I am so afraid of making the wrong choice and regretting throughout the course of uni. What if I make the wrong choice? I have no idea what I will end up doing in future too. Why can't I just be some kid with huge aspirations and set their mind to pursue it at all costs, damn. Some guy in my class wants to be a doctor, like I wanna be a doctor too it's so cool, but I am not that great and it just seems too far-fetched for me. I settled with Life Sciences eventually and hope for god's sake I will not end up regretting it cos that's pretty a lot of Bio shit in my life. My knowledge at Bio is not as good as I wish I am, but I am so in love with it. I love Bio with my entire life. Love will prevail - my love for Biology and my Jonny boi boi.

On a side note, I am going to Phuket in 3 days' time!!!

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