Monday, March 24, 2014

Eagle in the dark, feathers in the pages

So I just got back from my 6D5N Phuket trip with Jon Marz and Tris and I can't wait to share with you all the beautiful photos taken there and everything we did! We took close to 500 photos and had a really hard time deciding which photo to upload to Instagram HAHA.

All of us saved 25$ for not checking in our bags and carrying them as cabin baggage instead. I went over to Jon's house earlier that day and his parents sent both of us to the airport, while Marz and Tris will be taking their flight from KL (they went for FMFA) to Phuket. We all agreed to meet at Burger King at Phuket Airport. Jon and I reached the airport really early and we just like to wheel around in the luggage trolley and grab some food and I don't know, we just have loads of fun being excited about flying overseas and somehow time seems to pass really fast. We almost missed our check in time as we were waiting for the board to say "gate open" but it turns out to be a really stupid mistake. The "gate open" actually means boarding gate, not the check in gate. I can't believe we made this mistake after having travelled overseas together before HAHA, but anyway we made it just in time before the boarding gate closes.

Just as we board the plane, we received a fucking disheartening news from Marz that they missed their flight from KL to Phuket, and that they might not make it to Phuket if they have to pay for another plane ticket. This would mean Jon and I having our real actual honeymoon in Phuket (which we really don't mind) but Marz and Tris would have wasted their money on the hotel in Phuket and departure flight tix from Phuket to SG.

The news did not really bother us while we were on the plane. We ordered 2 cup noodles and a bottle of minute maid and played three rounds of monopoly deal where the loser will have to pay for the meal on board. I won, btw. (I always win. I'm like the queen of monopoly deal. HAHAHAH) 

When we reached Phuket Airport, we decided that Marz and Tris could have played a horrible joke on us so we still went over to Burger King to check if they're waiting for us there. But it turned out to be a disappointment and our attempts to get wifi failed miserably as well. Burger King tricked us into buying something so we could get the password on the receipt, then proceed to inform us that their wifi is not working. What mother fuckers.

Anyway, we decided to go out and look for transport to our hotel (Amata Hotel in Patong). A guy initially offered us 800 baht for one person, which means 1600 baht for two and that is almost S$70. We turned him down and took a minibus which costs 180baht each person. 

Our hotel room looked decent with a balcony and a bathtub in the toilet that is designed open shower style. We managed to get wifi in the hotel and learned that Marz and Tris need not pay for an extra ticket and could just hop onto the next flight to Phuket in the morning. Both of them had to stay the night in the KL airport at Starbucks and we'll meet them at our hotel in the morning. Jon and I settled down in our room then headed out to check out the renown night life in Phuket. We just had to walk a little while down the street before we reach Bangla Road where all party animals are in the night. It was an amazing sight there. There were strippers, lady boys, pole dancers everywhere. We took a peek at the ping pong show in one of the bars, refused to buy the 900 baht beer so we settled in the lady boys bar. All of them are so freaking hot!!! We took a photo with one of them and had to pay her some tips. We bought her a drink instead (they get commission from this) and started chatting with her. She is really pretty and I asked for permission to touch her boobs. It's fake of course and it feels like fully inflated balloons that are gonna burst any minute. She seemed jealous of my natural boobies though she couldn't stop touching. She also asked if we wanted a threesome HAAHAHAHA it was funny. Bangla Road was definitely an experience. 

The end of Bangla Road lies Patong Beach. There wasn't much to do at the beach at night but it was a good place to just chill with a few drinks. A lady approached us to ask if we wanted to put Chinese Lantern for 100baht, but we bargained for 50baht and got it. It was my very first time putting a Chinese Lantern (otherwise known as Kongming Lantern) and I was so excited. I immediately had the belief that whatever I write on the lantern will come true if it flies smoothly into the sky without crashing. So I did, and I wrote a lot of wishes for Jon and I. I had no clue how or when to release the lantern because the bottom of the lantern was already getting really hot and I couldn't hold onto it, but when I released it, it didn't fly smoothly as how I imagined it to. So both of us went chasing after it and pulling it up and there it went into the sky, flying really smoothly further and further away from us till we can no longer see it. It was really successful and I believe our wishes written on the lantern will definitely come true. 

Jon and I were still in bed sleeping (about 8am) when our the phone in our room rang. It took a few rings for me to realize I wasn't dreaming and to get Jon to pick it up because it was on his side of the bed. Jon said nothing else except "oh my god oh my god oh my god" because he was so happy to know that they made it. I was happy too and I ran out to hug them with just a cardigan and panties. We watched them settle in their rooms and chatted a little before we went back to bed and only woke up at about 12pm. We went over to Tris and Marz's room and ordered American breakfast through room service.

We headed out later so Tris could book a tattoo appointment on the last day of our trip to get his tattoo done. No comments on his tattoo design because he thinks everyone else's tattoos are ugly and meaningless and his tattoo is like the best tattoo in the whole world. 

We walked some more to explore the streets of Patong and discovered our love for banana pancakes (which we ate everyday while we were in Phuket). We ate at some cheap place along the streets, spent pretty a lot of money exploring Bangla Road and looking at pretty girls before buying some chips back to our hotel. First day was nothing much because of Tris' stupid belief: "the plan is that we don't plan so we avoid disappointments."

Came up with a plan on what to do the next day and we decided we definitely have to check out the beach in the day. So we did! I wore a bikini I bought the previous day for 10$ because I'm so in love with the colour but it's of really cheap quality oh well, that's what you get for 10$. Anyway, we didn't get much sun because we only woke up at 3pm HAHA Marz and Tris were both tired from their morning flight and didn't get much sleep while Jon and I are just pigs. We tried parasailing!!! It was so fun it's like I had a taste of what it feels like to fly. I wished I went higher though the parachute lay pretty low. We later realized that parasailing at Koran beach was better they let you go so low you get to touch the water and let you go pretty fucking high and for longer distance too. BUT OH FUCKING WELL WE ALREADY DID IT and it was still amazing. 

Sunset was amazing too

Some random dude just decided to join us for a photo and walk away

We went back to our hotel to wash up and then check our Bangla road some more. By the third night, Marz and I were already fucking sick of sexy girls and wasting money on drinks just to watch them dance. 

While walking along the streets in Phuket, we realized that 90% are tourists. There are definitely more tourists than local people, and the only local people seem to be there because they're working. Some caucasians also decided to just stay in Phuket and found jobs there like promoting for some tour shit and stuff. Weather in Phuket is fucking hot every single day with almost no clouds, and we experienced zero raindrops. 

On the third morning we decided to head to another beach called Koran beach because apparently Patong beach is the ugliest beach in Phuket. We took a tuk tuk there and the journey wasn't long. True enough, Koran beach was a lot nicer with clearer sea water and whiter sand. We spent the day sunbathing with coconut shakes and occasionally going into the water for a swim but I was fucking scared because Marz exclaimed that she saw a SCHOOL of fish swim past her. We accidentally dropped the coconut shake into the sea and attracted a few big black fishes too and that was when I jumped onto Jon and never went back to the sea HAHA. 

Of course, sunset at the Koran beach was even more magnificent. 

Earlier that morning, we booked our Phi Phi Island tour (without Tris) for the next day where we will get to explore 8 attractions for the entire day with lunch provided. From 3200baht we managed to bargain it all the way down to 1200 baht per person. I know I know, we are pretty fucking amazing. 

Later that night we bought 5 banana pancakes for supper and 3 chicken drumsticks. Yes we even bargained for food HAHA

Our messy hair moments on board the speed boat. HAHA

Our first destination was this beautiful beautiful place, Maya Bay, with absolutely clear sea water you can see all the way to the bottom, with mountains on the sides of the beach, and the sea has no fishes at all!!! I was really amazed by the sight it is the kind of place you see people retweeting on twitter and reblogging on tumblr. It was beautiful the view was amazing the experience was indescribable I didn't wanna ever leave that place. I wouldn't trade the time I had there with anything in the world and Tris missed out big time. I no longer have to fantasize about visiting beaches with magnificent view because I have been to one before. HEHEHEHEHEH TALKING ABOUT THIS MAKES ME SO EXCITED 

Oh I forgot, we went to check out the Viking Cave with all the Bird's Nest before we visited Maya Bay. There were people living there, some help the pirates and I think I heard the tour guide say they have a 7-11 inside, or maybe it was a joke I don't know lol I couldn't really make out what she was saying in English with that Thai accent. 

We went snorkeling later to check out the coral and fishes, and yes I did went down for a little while before freaking out after I saw a school of tiny fishes approaching me and splashed my way back to the speedboat. I also jumped down from the front of the speedboat later because I really don't wanna be a party pooper and ruin everyone's mood just cos I'm scared of what's underneath the surface of the water. I am afraid to stretch my legs and feel something touching me and not knowing what it is because then I would think it's fishes. I think the sea is a really beautiful place okay, but I think it's just scary, at least to me. 

We later went to the Monkey Beach where while we were approaching, everyone were straining their neck to find some monkeys until I shouted "THERE" so loud everybody turned and the boat turned in the direction I was pointing at. HAHAHA, yes I was very excited. It was high tide at the season so we can't really see the beach and we can't get down to interact with the monkeys better. Apparently we could hold the monkeys but because we couldn't get close enough we couldn't. Oh well. We got the feed the monkeys though, we threw watermelons at them and they caught it with great agility (except I really suck at throwing). A few monkeys even swam in the water to get the food HAHA, really really cute. I think I wasn't scared of the monkeys, they seem really human to me. 

We stopped by another Island where the Tsunami hit in 2006 to have buffet lunch. We did not explore the place much we pretty much just wanted to get drinks, search for wifi to post pictures on Instagram because we are slaves to technology, and get a proper toilet so we could pee instead of using the toilet on the boat (which is really not bad just, we can't stand straight). 

HAHAHA this failed jump shot makes me look like I'm dancing

Then we arrived at our last destination where there is a beach and a snorkeling area. Marz went snorkeling with a diving coach to somewhere really far away from shore (she can't even fucking swim FYI but she's so fucking daring like I should give her my swimming abilities since I'm so fucking scared of fishes sighs life is weird) while Jon and I explored the rocks on the other end of the beach which really look like nothing much but the photos turned out incredible. The beach there was not very nice as there were lots of sediments where the waves crash onto the shore so we didn't really go into the sea in the end because the sediments were so small and sharp they were hurting out feet. We took lots of photos though

We boarded the speedboat back to a little island where we gathered and took a minibus back to our hotel. We were burnt and exhausted and famished. We took a shower and went out for dinner with whatever remaining money we have left.

Sadly, we didn't get to visit the pool at our hotel because we were either too late or too tired. On the last day, we woke up and set off to the tattoo parlor where Tris will get his tattoo done. It took less than an hour to complete and we all enjoyed watching Tris suffer in pain though he never once kept his mouth shut still but it was fun. Spent all our remaining money on our last meal in Phuket, massage and a tuk tuk to the airport. We finished our bottle of Baileys and Jim Bean on the tuk tuk and went crazy saying hi to random people and hi5-ing people on motorbikes. We arrived at the airport early this time and I even got to sleep at the airport for an hour. we didn't miss our flight thankfully.

My parents didn't come to the airport to fetch me, Jon's parents fetched me instead and even bought me supper. I think they love me more than my own parents. HAHA

All in all, as much as I miss Phuket, I don't think I can stand the heat there especially with the state of my skin - severely burnt and it fucking hurts. Given the chance, I will definitely want to go back there again and explore more beaches (I heard Surin beach is the nicest beach there, but we didn't get to go there!), try out more seafood, bungee jump, jetski and everything else! I don't understand why people would say 5 nights are too much to spend in Phuket because I really wished our trip was longer. Oh well, Phuket, I will be back for ya!

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