Sunday, December 16, 2012

Waste of time, you don't look anything like summer.

Just a while ago, I was really into loud cheerful music but now I'm back to slow sad songs again. Like Terrible Things by Mayday Parade and Gravity by Sara Bareilles are my new addicts. 

I am in a very confused state right now. I no longer know what I want. The wish I made on the wishing ball came true the very next day, but I'm not even happy. I should have just wished for happiness. Who was I trying to kid? I'm so confused and frustrated I wanna sleep and maybe never wake up. I try to tell you how I feel. I am scared too, of being rejected, but I say it anyway. What's holding you back? I feel so unimportant and small.

People never seem to cherish me the way I cherish them. If life is so unfair, then maybe I don't wanna wake up from my sleep. I'm tired. 


Belinda said...

Cheer up Xinpei! I'm sure things will get better soon! Stay strong!


Hey Belinda oh god I just saw this...Thank you so much. Glad to say that things are alot better for me now. I'm happy :)