Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just let the quiet put things where they should be

Sheela left Marz's house early in the morning cos she had an indian wedding to attend, leaving Pan Marz and I in the room. Marz was busy doing her nails while Pan refused to get out of bed. I already washed up and was wandering around looking for food. When we FINALLY got ready, we headed down to woodlands checkpoint to get our bellies pierced!!! We were so psyched for it. I told Pan I wanna go first cos I can't stand the thought of watching the needle go through her and then imagining it on myself.

Camwhoring at Marz's crib

Yeah so I went first and I gotta be honest alright. IT REALLY HURTS!!! I should never have trusted Maria when she said it didn't hurt cos I knew fairly well that she has high tolerance level for pain! So given the chance to do it all over again, I really wouldn't. Or maybe I'm just really intolerant of pain lah, but it really hurts alot to me. I was told not to look when the person was helping me pierce my belly and I held my breath throughout. It didn't help to reduce the pain though. And the after effects of piercing my belly was crazy. They described it as a really bad hangover, but I never had a hangover before then. Now that I've experienced a hangover, imma tell you, it really did feel like a really bad hangover. I felt like I was gonna puke all over, but I didn't. It's like it's gonna come out but it's not coming out. Marz and Pan said my face was super pale. I guess if you're really vain, you might wanna go for the belly piercing. The pain is tolerable...yeah. HAHA, I'm just so happy now cos I no longer have to fantasize about belly studs and can finally buy them for myself! WOO YAY ME.

So Pan went back to Marz's place to get changed for town while I went home instead. Met each other a few hours later together with Eugene Andriche and Sean. I know we didn't do much this day but it was already getting pretty late. Partly cos we woke up late from our slumber party, so it was already 7pm by the time we reached town. Checked out the flea at scape and bought a white studded crop top that was matching to Marz's black one, and a shorts that I thought I was skinny enough to fit in. :( Sold it to Xintien at a lower price. Bumped into Tessa Vivian and Weisze coincidentally, then we head over to Graffiti Cafe to watch the boys eat, LOL. So we were all deciding whether we should go ktv, or clarke quay. Marz and I really wanna sing K so we all agreed to go ktv. This ktv at cineleisure really brings back good memories, cos Pan Sheela Marz and I used to overnight there and catch the first train back home. We all remembered vividly how Pan broke the glass while singing Brick By Boring Brick, then attempted to hide the glass while we were leaving. HAHAHA good times. So the person charged us about $20/person to sing from 9pm to 1am, but by the time it's 1am, transport would be too troublesome for us. So Marz asked for the price if we stay till 6am, and the person agreed on the same price! I didn't even inform my parents I was staying over, I think they expected since I left house so late that night. Sang a few songs while Eugene and Andriche went out to buy some alcohol drinks. I never drank outside of house before, like really drink that kind, so it was my first experience. I sang a few songs and  Eugene played 5-10 with me. It was my first time playing, and I swear there's a tactic to it cos I kept losing. They said I was drunk, but I remembered everything that happened that night...ok most things... :( I wasn't drunk, it's just that my reactions got really slow. And I was unable to catch up with the tempo while singing the songs. Yeah and I remembered crying and demanding for food. I also remembered visiting the toilet several times and I was unable to walk but I remembered the way back from the toilet to the room. Anyway the sky turned bright really fast and we all had to leave. We settled at mac but I wasn't hungry so I didn't eat. I didn't vomit as well. I just felt really dizzy. But I got well enough to go home by myself. Dad was angry cos he said I wrenched of alcohol and smoke. I said I drank and he insisted I smoked. That got me really pissed cos it's not as if he didn't know how much I hated smokers cos of him. 

I have never and will never ever smoke, period.

In case you guys are wondering, the hangover sucks. It's like you have throbbing headache for the rest of the day and all you want is to lay in bed and sleep. But I couldn't sleep for long cos I had plans to accompany Pan as she didn't wanna waste her time in SG sleeping. HAHA

Anyway there wasn't much photos of me cos I think I slept in the ktv room (or they said I was too drunk wtv)... and they took pictures without me!!! :(

On our way to town

I got Pan the biscuit that she's been craving for! HAHAHA, took her a really long time to describe to me what this biscuits were cos it has no name! We need to name this biscuit man.

Tessa and Pan
Vivian, Wesze and I
The boys eating a Graffiti Cafe 
And I had to sit on this chair. LOL
Best Fries Forever with my Best Friend Forever

Sorry my blackberry too cool for you.
Eugene, Marzie and half of Andriche
Eugene's sexy side view, Andriche and Pan
Marzie and Andriche
Eugene and Marz

Look at Pan and her blood-shot eyes!
Pan attempting to vomit

Sean and Pan

Eugene and I

Eugene's ootd

Sean's ootd
Don't even know why we're so high in the morning when we're all sick from the hangover.

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