Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm gonna be the last one standing.

Today, bad day D: My parents quarreled. And k no, they even fought. But forget about it. It's like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It's the first time they fought. I cried.

My mum cried too, she told me to fetch my brother from school. Had to walk -,- But Xiaojun is really nice, she offered to accompany me. Gosh, she's there when I needed someone soooo badly. Chaoyi too ^^ Fetched my brother from school, he bloody cute. I keep asking him if he's tired, cos we had to walk, and we usually take the car. He said he's tired. So I asked if he want me to carry him, he said no. I asked many many times along the way, his reply is still the same. I told him papa and mummy quarrel, and he said, "Jiejie, means I can say STOP?" LOLOL, get it get it? HAHA, and the first thing he reached home, he asked, "Mummy, why you quarrel with papa?" LOLOL, my god. How cute can he get? HAHA. And I was like, "SHHHHHH!" HAHA.

Got changed and headed to Payar Lebar for City Plaza. Yes, it's near geylang -,- LOL. We were both quite scared la, scared someone thought we're that kind of people. But luckily no, they just looked at us like one kind. HAH. City Plaza rocks, Xiaojun and I promised to go back there again. Everything there is so freaking cheap?! Xiaojun bought a damn nice shoe (I spotted it :P), that I wanted initially, but dont have my size. GUESS THE PRICE! My god, freaking 8bucks! She even bought a shoulder loose sleeveless, for 5dollars. Thanks to me for tricking the shopowner. HAHA! I bought a few stuffs as well la. Really happy with whatever I bought, esp the bangle. My god, chio :D

Xiaojun and I got our hair messed up by the wind sometimes. Oh ya, and we had our teabreak at a shop, quite nicely furnished. It's like, a bowl of laksa, a slice of watermelon, a glass of drink. Altogether only $4. I think it's worth it, what's more the laksa is nice. And the place is comfortable. Xiaojun finished almost all her money before we even got to finish walking that place. That place is huge, and full of cheap stuffs. Gosh, I feel like going back there again soon! HAHA. And today is a day where I saw alot alot alot of couples, and the girls are taller than the guys -,- Nevermind if that guy is hot, if he's short, it's a big NO. Seriously, with a short guy, how do you expect yourself to lean on that guy? Lean on the head ah? LOL. Like no sense of security. At least must taller than the girl la. K la, sometimes people say it's the love that matters, yaya. Whatever la, LOL. Guys are getting shorter nowadays anyway. T.T

Headed to bugis afterwards, Xiaojun bought her makeup and I bought a long sleeveness tee for myself. I love it :D Took the bus home.

We finally managed to get ourselves a seat after like, a million years? T.T I wanna die already la, already suffering from MAJOR muscle aches. And I realised I didnt warm down after trainings, my god, my thighs are gonna grow biggggg. HAHA, kidding la. And then we were eating on the bus since the beginning of the ride. When it's at the marsiling mrt stop, nobody else on the bus except for him and us, he wanna alight and he shot Xiaojun, "Girl, no brain ah! Told you not to eat on the bus right!" And he even complained to the bus driver. HE SAID WE LITTER THE BUS, FUCK HIS BALLS. And the driver stopped at the next stop. He asked us what happen. We said we ate on the bus. He was like, did you litter? We're like, nooo? The litter is in our hands, like wth. And he's like, we got cctv know, can check. I was like, you go check laaa. And he went back to his drving. Please la, that crazy man, the driver dont even care he care so much for what. I was freaking angry, but at that moment, my mouth just hung open, stunned. What's his problem man, he was on the bus since the beginning of the ride when we got onto the bus at bugis stop, and he didnt stop us until the end of the stop when there's nobody already. Forget about trying to save OUR faces, he's trying to save his own face cos obviously he's at fault right! Mother, I swear if I wasnt stunned at that moment his balls are already rolling. And he might still be trying to catch his balls. WALAU, want talk can say nicely ma. Need scold us no brains meh. Somemore say us got brainless education. Lousy english I know, but fuck him la.

Got down at the next stop, freaking pissed off -,- I totally didnt have the mood to swim afterwards. K la, actually it's already late. I dont wanna go home late, it's to prevent another world war at home. My mum will be worried. D: I dont wanna make her sad already, she's sad enough and I love her.

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