Monday, November 1, 2010

Rainbow comes after a hurricane.

I just saw the one of the videos we made at Kas'/Bert's house. LOL, but I look freaking ugly when I'm using the comp. Wth, LOL. Nevermind. Btw, i hate people who OVERUSE the word 'luh' and 'uh'. Sorry if you're one of them, but I find it irritating. How do you pronounce that man?


Had Biology extra lessons in the morning, thank god it's held in the theatrette. -,- Was quite boring, it's on Respiration. Basically, everyone's dying to go home. And people who wanna drop Biology, still attends the lesson. I dont get why they have to do that. Because they're being so selfish. Just cos they wanna drop, doesnt mean they can make a scene during the biology lessons and disrupt our train of thoughts right? Wanna drop then don't come la, still haolian what! I swear I feel like shitting in your mouth because you deserve shit. Thought you wanna drop bio? WTH, go and die please. Get A1 for Bio not happy, cos you wanna drop bio -,- I think you know who you are la, can't take it. I think it's more reasonable for me to vent it out here, since it's MY blog (learnt from someone) than spitting it in your face. For now, it's here. Afterwards, I dont know. Maybe you can push me further, I can do something even meaner. HIAK HIAK.

Missed gym training in the morning, joined the team for ball training afterwards. Home tweet home, saw Darren on my way home. LOL, he so fat.

Woke up and around afternoon, comped for awhile and headed to Xiaojun's house. I didnt dare to tell my mum that I wanted to overnight at her house. HAHA, but my mum asked me that day what time I will reach home. I said very very late. And she understands why, but said it will be dangerous. And I said.. k fine, I'll put it in dialogues.
Mum: What time you coming home?
Me: Very very late.
Mum: Dangerous leh.
Me: Actually.. Xiaojun want me to overnight at her house.
guess her reply man.
Mum: Wow, good idea! Okay okay.
LOL?! So on siah. And I was so afraid to tell her the day before. LOL, love my mum ^^ At Xiaojun's house, got changed. I actually wanted to be a hooligan. But then I tried on Xiaojun's zebra dress. It's very short, and they said it'll look nice with leggings/stockings. So I tried on. Do you have an idea how long I took to wear that bloody stockings? So I didnt wanna take it off. And I just went to haloween like this. HAHA. Of course, purpose of preparing at Xiaojun's house is the makeup part. She helped us makeup until damn nice la! I LOVE IT, as in I never really makeup like actual one before la. Nice, I like. HAHAHA.
Headed to the American School, LOL. Pan was so scared? HAHA, I heard a few house said chilli girls. HAHA, and there's this house. He's a black, and he said so many things I dont understand. LOL, but he said chilli girls as well. Woo. And I saw a guy on the rooftop, taking pictures of everyone. We posed for him. HAHA. And we saw a monkey on the treeeee! WOO. Took many many sweets, first few houses were warmups as Pan didnt dare to ask for sweets. Don't know why. HAHA, cos she didnt have a proper plastic bag I think. HAHA. Saw a few cute costumes. And there's this few kids, you know how they ask for sweets?

Trick or treats...Give us something good to eat.

K I forgot the second line. HAHAHA. But it's damn cute! And there's this house, the person giving out the sweets is a scarecrow, he can't move. And I was so scared, I stood about three steps away from him and opened my bag. He couldnt reach, and you know what he did? He stare at me, for very very long. WALAU, I didnt take the sweets in the end. LOL, scared. And there's this other house, a girl sat at the top of the side of the gate. And she just sat there and freeze. Freeze nevermind, but staring at me siah! WTP! But I not scared, cos she small girl only. HAHA, I stare back :D

Was really thirsty and hungry afterwards, we took a break at the Fuchun CC hawker centre. Ordered two drinks. HAHA. I was that thirsty ok. Went back to trick or treating. But many house were closed already. D; I took photos with the wonder woman little girls. HAHA, and Qiuheng, Sheela, Maria, Jiawei and Zhonghao. LOL.
Went back to Xiaojun's condo afterwards. My movement was super restricted. Cos my dress was super short. I can't even sit properly. So we took photos. Many many photos! Met hongye, went to nearby hawker centre to eat afterwards. THE RICE IS NICE, maybe I was really hungry. I finished my plate before the rest of their food come siah. I still wanna eat somemore la! But I dont have enough money already. :X HAHA.
Headed to Xiaojun's place to shower afterwards. We wanted to meet hongye afterwards initially, but it started pouring outside. So not meeting already. We wanna learn from hongye how to dance! HAHA, I only know the shake ass one! LOL.
We waited for our hair to dry afterwards and headed to dreamland. Pan and I slept on Xiaojun's bed and Xiaojun slept on the tilam. HAHAHA. I had to squueze like hell man T.T LOL. And sorry, my phone keep ringing. CHAOYI LA. Spam me. HAHA.
AHH, lazy to talk about today. LOL, went home to change in the morning and met Sheela, Maria and Pan to go Republic Poly to do our homework. TADAAAAA. In one sentence. ^^ TATA. Photos @ next post.

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