Friday, August 27, 2010

I just want the whole world to see your face.

Went to TPY Stadium to watch YOG Volleyball semi-finals games for the men and women. Took the bus from our school to Admiralty Station instead of walking to activate the card. Then took the train. Walked a while, Pan and a few of us are busy doing the friendship bands. HAHA, it's really addictive okay. And keeps us occupied during the long journey on the train. Qiuheng was bored on the train, but Pan and I were busy man. LOLOL. Finally reached the stadium, got our bags checked. Some of our sharp objects were not confiscated you know. HAHA. Took many photos, waiting for Pantita to upload them on facebook. Watched the first game of men.
Congo VS Iran.
The Congo guys all looked alike with the botak hairstyle, so we didnt really take note whose the hottest there. Whereas IRANNNNNN, LOLOLOL. MANY MANY HOT GUYS. We all thought number 14 was hot at first, but then at the close view. OMG, haha, no way. So we thought number 7 and 13 is the hottest in the team. Iran won 3 sets consecutively, if I'm not wrong. I forgot. LOL. They played really well, Congo like kena thrash like that. After the game, we all gathered at the fence to take photos of them. Hoping they would wave at us as well, as it means they noticed us. And so, they walked towards (below) us and we waved. THEY WAVED BACK, whereas the congos dont give a damn man. One of the Irans gave a rocker \m/ sign, another winked (I melted man, seriously.), and one posed for a photo. ^^ OMGOMGOMG RIGHT? Most of them waved back. AHHHHH.
Then it's the women's match.
Egypt VS Singapore.
Singapore lost, they were fighting for the fifth and sixth place. You know why Singapore got the chance? Because women's volleyball only got six teams, that's why. From their warmups, we thought Singapore is gonna get thrashed as the libero-my senior (stephanie), couldnt receive any of their balls. D; But they won the first set and lost the consecutive few. The Egypt women (some) wore the head thing for the game as well you know. They have to cover all parts of their body except face. Omg, if it was me, I wouldnt choose to play sports man. Cos it's so uncomfortableeee. But I was really impressed. The girls are really tall and they could thunder like a mannnn. Mannnn.
Following game was still women.
Japan VS Peru.
Peru won eventually, they are way taller then the Japanese. I was more supportive towards Japan however. Because they are very short you know, almost same height or even shorter than me. Even so, they played really well! I love the game, because it makes me feel that you could do something without height as well. Who says height is everything? Unless you got the ablity to make height something, then it's something. But if you dont have the height, there's still something! HAHAHA, i think you dont get it. But I get it can already. The Japanese girls all looked alike as well, they all got the same hairstyle. And the tallest girl didnt get into the main team. And what I love about them is that they sub every players in every now and then. It makes me feel that every player is important, not only the main ones. Means they are equally strong. ^^ I slept abit during the women's games, I was seriously tired.
Last match, is what we've all been waiting for. As they say there's many hot guys!
Russia VS Serbia
Russia won three matches consecutively. They're really strong. And Russia #2 is hot like hell. I'm dying man. He's really tall, which I love. And he plays subset, which is my position. Eventho he's the subset, he's the main spiker! Omg, I'm gonna be like him. And I'm serious. He's my motivation mannnnnn! He's the tallest in the team and he plays subset. GOD! Serbia #1 is really hot as well, but he didnt get into the team, so we all supported Russia. HAHAHA. At the end of their match, we all waited at the fence again to wave to them. Yea, they finally came man. And all of us were practically waiting only for #2, seriously. When he came, all of us screamed like mad. And the player beside him teased. HAHA, so cute. He wave to us until damn cute ^^

Had outdoor training, not really compulsory for us. Training was quite boring la, doing spikes. But we learnt some new spiking skills. I think I did badly D: But not that bad. ^^ HAHAHA. I dont know what I talking also. :P
Today is practically a bad day for class 3Zenith, it's like SCOLDING DAY T.T We got scolded the whole day, made our form teacher sad, and made her cry. We had physics for the first lesson, Mr Yap didnt come in for class. He was damn punctual all the time, and I have to admit, physics kills. And missing one physics lesson is really nice. LOL, at least I dont have to try to stay awake when I'm fucking tired. And after the lesson I sleep like pork. And we get scolded for not informing the coporal office that there's no teacher in our class. Not only that, we received many complaints about our grades, attitude, noise level, etc. Ms Siti was very disappointed. She cried when she talked to our class. She's such a bubbly and strong woman, to think we made her cry must be because she's really really disappointed. I dont wanna say anymore la. But whatever Zena said afterwards made sense. I can't contribute alot to the class. I can be rebellious during lessons at times, I'm sorry. The most sad thing Ms Siti said was

"I dont need your cards, your gifts, your whatever for Teacher's Day. I just want you all to be good students. Is that so hard to ask for?"
It pains me when she cried, pains me when Zena cried. I dont wish to admit that we're the worst 3e3 batch. We're suppose to be the best. D;

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