Thursday, September 2, 2010


Had PE early in the morning, first period. It was our last lesson for basketball, aw. And the teachers made such a nice sport suck like hell -,- Anyway, during the briefing of another boring drill we're gonna do, it started drizzling. We, being girls, started complaining. HAHAHA, and Mr Poh's face was like, damn funny la. He then told us to move to the canteen. Pantita and I watched the guys having 'fun' with hockey. Hockey sucks. And then we were like, "how come the guys still can play, I thought drizzling?" But there's not a bit of rain over at their side. OMG RIGHT? So curious Pan and I went to the volleyball court to check out where the rain stops, and there's like a wall over there that cuts the wet and dry part clearly. DAMN COOL I TELL YOU! And then we moved to the hall for more lame stuffs, dribbling skills. AHH, boring shit. Volleyballers group are like doing SUPER MODEL DRIBBLING CONTEST. HAHAHA. And we also talked about cheap stuffs and holiday date! :D

During Biology lessons,
Ms Lui: You guys should be like Jiajing. See, the notes so nice and colourful. MY BEST STUDENT.
Jiawei: Jiajing, when are you gonna return me my notes?

LOL, stupid la. Make me laugh like mad.
Pantita came to my house after school to help with the Teacher's Day Fan Board. PANTITA WAS DAMN HIGH THAT DAY. I DONT KNOW WHAT SHE ATE SIAH. HAHAHA. BUT I LIKE IT. LOVE YOU PANPAN! <3
I think the celebration was great. The students impersonated the HODs and made us laugh like mad dogs.
Shuiyuan impersonated Mr Clement Lim
Apurva impersonated Mrs Kok
Jiawei impersonated Mr Chee
JunAn impersonated Mr Jack Chong
My camper (or hanlin's?) impersonated Mr Siva
All of them were damn funny! Shuiyuan even scolded the students! HAHAHA, and Mr Ben Tay and Mrs Whelan were like flirting each other all the way? Mr Tay kissed Mrs Whelan on the cheek, and Mrs Whelan kissed back. Omg, Mr Tay's cheek even had a lipstick stain. I really love the paparazzis, they're damn cool. Ariani look like one of them, like seriously. Farhan and Zhonghao acted great as bouncers, or bodyguards. The most attractive best dressed attention-seeked handsome gorgeous one that day was MR POH. Omg la. Seriously melting siah. Really like Prince Charming. Ms Siti when gaga too. HAHAA, she's so cute. Ms Siti likes it when I draw, but I dont really have passion for art. I just love doodling. :P Jiawei impersonated Mr Chee really well, I think Mr Chee also paiseh lo!
Jiawei (Mr Chee): School, have a good day of learning. First set of classes please stand.
*nobody stand*
Jiawei: Er, please proceed back to your classes.
*still nobody stand*
Jiawei: I'm serious!
Proceeded back to class, watched movie. Quite nice. LOL, I love it when the dad says 'deeeeep'. HAHA, damn cute. Had recess, then the concert afterwards. Concert was damn good! :D I think this year's TASAD rock my ass off! <3
'Rihanna': I just stand there and watch them dance. It's alright cos I love the way they dance, I love the way they dance.

Firdaus: Oh yeah, I love the way you lie.


*Alphonsus and Zena talks at the same time*

Alphonsus: I'm trying to talk, Zena. You're not giving me the chance to.

Zena: Alright, fine. I let you talk.

Alphonsus: Okay, now we will let Zena explain the rules of the game.


Ah, there's still alot of funny parts. But I forgot D; LOL, it's okay. But they're really natural on the stage. And the sec one guy is damn cute! He even say 'I know you guys love me, but please quieten down.' AHAHA, how cute can he get, seriously. LOL.

Went back to wdp after school, a little pissed off. But I got cute little Amirul and Pantita's company! :D Slacked at the nursery room, got caught! :P Quite lame la, the guard almost wanted to call the police for misusing the room, and inform our operation manager. But he let us off this time, always like that one la. LOL.


Stayed at home, trying to finish my homeworks and mug for Physics and Emaths test the next day.


Physics test was a killer, dont even bother studying man. Confirm flung one. Emaths sucks, 8 marks gone just like that. No time to finish D:

Movie afterwards with Pantita, Chaoyi, Runfa, Alphonsus and Andriche. VAMPIRES SUCK! I think it's nice and funny, but they dont think so D;

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