Friday, June 18, 2010

Cos you bring out the best in me;

Had friendly match against Bukit Panjang Government High today. Lost all, but it's okay, right guys :D Most importantly, we must learn something from it. Eunice cut her hair! HAHAHA, like finally. I kept teasing her hair. LOLOLOL. Had lunch afterwards, chatted alot with Coach and the rest. Went back to school for gym. Partnered Qiuheng again. I really think she should appreciate me before I push her to Yuping. HAHA, cos Yuping is very very fierce. Worst still, she dont have to do gym, she WATCH you do it. LOLOL. Anyway, well done today Qiuheng. YOU DIDNT CHEAT! HAHAHAHA. And we're not the last one to finish leh. YAY.
Walked around at Causeway Point with Hannah, Qiuheng and Pantita afterwards. Talked alot, gossips and auntie-ing around. HAHAHA, we checked out the undies corner at John Little. LOLOLOL, so many comments siah. Esp Qiuheng. You know how auntie and loud she is righttttt. Then they came over to my house as I wanted to meet Yingjie and Jiajing @ Jiajing's house. I showered and we came back to causeway point again. But then Yingjie said she's already leaving her house. LOL? Then might as well I dont go, waste my bus fare. She's alright with it, not sure if Jiajing is. But I didnt go in the end.
Hannah left shortly afterwards, leaving my with Pan and Qiuheng. We tried out the testers at John Little. And there's this lotion and removes dead skin from our hands when we rub on it. Pantita said if we wash it with water, our hands will become damn smooth. So we hurried to the toilet and tried, WALAU, damn smooth la. HAHAHA, then Pantita said the lotion is for face actually. We wanted so badly to try it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Not to mention what we did. But Pan said next time bring bottle. LOLOL, Qiuheng and I abit blur at first. Then we realised, bring the bottle to pour the contents of the tester inside. HAHAHA. Stupid siah, but nice one. Everyone of us becoming like auntie liao. ALL THANKS TO QIUHENG!
Catching a movie @ AMK hub tmr with Hannah, Pan and Qiuheng! (alphabetical order hor!) HAHAHA. KARATE KID, HERE I COME!

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