Friday, April 23, 2010

What happened to the fairytale?

Went to the library last Sunday with Zhengyu, Wilson, Zhonghao, Chaoxin, Yingjie, Maria and ZHEEHEE, who came later, very very late. It was quite fun I think. The most not fun part was when Zhengyu tricked me. K, it's Zhengyu again. Seriously, how irritating can he get? So that day was the second time he tricked me -,- I was abit pissed off okay.
Met up at 12pm. Yea 12pm, and I wondered what time the boys came... LOL. Chaoxin and Yingjie was already there when I reach. Then sat at the small colourful seat. K, I missed sitting there. I used to sit there often when I went to the library with somebody, k i forgot who. HAHAH. I didnt have the mood to do homework at first. K, like what Eunice's mother always say, I'm training my fingers on my phone. HAHAHA.
After a while Wilson and Zhonghao came. And Zhengyu want to go eat. He keep bugging us to go eat with him also. So i just took Wilson's phone and scold him. LOL, k he found out it was me. Cos he called and I used deep voice, he still found out la. EH BTW, you guys know I got apple? Yea, the apple that guys have. HAHA, seriously okay. I can even move it when I swallow. I remembered I use to laugh at guys to swallow the apple. Now i know it's impossible. HAHA.
Zhengyu FINALLY came. And Wilson and I were discussing about Zheehee. HAHA, sorry la zheehee. The Sec threes keep teasing you uh, not my fault. You too cute already, they jealous. HAHA. We were discussing where he's having his bowling competition and whether we wanna go find him not. I wanna go see him play one la. ): But in the end never. Btw, he got third position for his bowling okay. Not bad :D
At around 3pm, we went to cwp for our lunch. Almost all of us ate the same food. Then after we finished our food, there was an awkward silence. We all watched Zhonghao mixing our vegetables. Then suddenly, Chaoxin suggested playing a game, loser will have to finish the mixed veges. So we played the concentration game, and I ate twice. WTH. Chaoxin worse, she finished the last big spoonful. HAHA.
Went back to the library. K, lemme tell you what homework I've done over there. My Kinetic Particle Theory Mindmap, ONLY. LOL. Afterwards when Chaoxin and Yingjie left. We stayed until damn late. And damn you zhengyu, he know all my secrets. K not all. But secrets that nobody else know -,- He better not tell anybody or else I will chop off his dick.
Zheehee came afterwards, he's so cute. HAHA. Then they said some lame cold jokes. K I still love Jonathan's joke best, about the bun one. I go around telling everybody la. So funnnnnnny! And Zhengyu is damn lame -,- BTW I KNOW HIS SECRET ALSO. LOL, just in case he spreads mine, his secret and dick is at stake.

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