Saturday, January 9, 2010

LOL, didnt know we could all be quite dramatic at times right! NOW YOU KNOW! HAHA.

Planned to go to Admiralty with Xiaojun after school, but she got Higher Mother-tongue. And she was very sad during recess, I know Xiaojun will be reading this, definitely. So, to you:
It's okay if someone doesnt trust you, BUT it is not okay if you dont trust yourself. I'm just so super glad that everything is okay now. I bet you're damn happy also la. I'm happy also, because you remembered what I told you and that is 'when a problem arises, I wanna be the first one you call'. And yay, you did!
Friends forever :D

Yay, sorry I dumped you during your lunch break. HAHA, cos I saw Mrs Kok. Anw, in a hurry, I followed Chaoxin to cwp to meet up Qianwen with Jenny and Rachel. K funny, Rachel eventually followed us because she didnt know what to eat for lunch. LOL. And sooo, we ate our favourite pots&pans at the foodcourt. Went to eat gelare icecream after that. Gosh gosh, my money for my contact lenses are gone! XIAOJUN, faster go buy with me before I finish my money! Then went to civic centre to chit chat.

Went home at around 5-6pm, Chaoying invited me to her Birthday BBQ Party. Went home, showered and reached the pit at around 8pm. Played volleyball and ate some food. Watched some of the WRS basketballers (Graduated) play, some play until damn funny, others we're like scolding them la. HAHA, during the birthday song and wishes, Qianwen and I are poking the sotongs. LOL, the sambal chilli is SUPER hot. Cant stand it, but it's soooo nice ;D And when Chaoxin was eating the birthday cake (Strawberry Shortcake from Fourleaf), Qianwen pushed me and my neck was covered with the cream. And then Chaoxin was like putting her hands up to stretch or something and the cake smack half of my face again! WTH, while Chaoying and her friends were playing with the cake as well. Went home after awhile, hope Chaoying likes the tarts my mum gave her, it's damn bagus one la.

Had CCA Selection for the Sec ones early in the morning, I didnt have the mood to attend it but it's compulsory for the Sec threes. Sad la, but overall it was not bad. There's this skinny girl, about the same height as me, jump super high la. I'm glad coach took her in. I'll find out her name when she's officially in the team. :D Hmm, Venus didnt get in volleyball. But English Club is not that bad either! HAHA, heard from the others that she had to act as one of the contestants in 'Singapore Got Talent' and she had to impress the judge which is Alphonsus. She sang 'I'm the barbie girl' and I can just imagine her doing it la!

And there's this girl whose name is Jenny from 1-1, she came in too late. She wanted to try out volleyball, but coach's not taking in anymore players. Hopefully she gets in netball, because I will feel abit guilty, as well as Eunice. Hmm, did nothing much after that. Slept for awhile and went for lunch.

Training and coach made us mop the floor! You may be thinking, cheyyy, mop floor only, I everyday at home also mop. BUT, we cant mop with a mop! LOL, we have to mop with our shirts! GODDDD. It all started when coach asked whether the hall is slippery, and some said yes. And she started pouring her water all over the court and she said we had to do rolling on the floor. WTHHHH, yucks la. She said we had to make the court dry. OMGGGGG, so we all started rolling and everything. We even removed our kneeguards to dry them. It was quite fun as well, except we all stink like hell la. FUNFUNFUN! :D

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