Thursday, January 7, 2010

Got to know some of our subject teachers, not bad actually. Hopefully I will enjoy all the lessons because I noticed our class is actually quite bubbly :D Had outdoor training and I love the weather, it seems as if it was about to rain, but it did not, so no sun. Niceeee!

Had CCA Orientation today after school, fun fun fun! But I prefer last year, and I have no idea why. Maybe because we did our steady ace cheer before we go off to hunt for suitable people, or we didnt do up the paralympic volleyball court inside the classroom. And there was a repeat in our slideshow photos, it's all about the beijing trip's photos and we saw it alot of times before.

We did many many flyers to advertise volleyball and we pasted some around the school. Even pasted in every cubicle doors in the girls' toilet, unfortunately not for the boys'. HAHA, but we did paste one on the boys' toilet door. Everywhere you go, you will definitely see more than one flyer pasted on the wall or anywhere paste-able. LOL.

I was quite bored after awhile of screaming, persuading, advertising, snatching, talking talking talking and talking. I didnt know what to do lo, when I see suitable people, either they have already registered or I had already asked them before. And I dont remember their faces, i just go around asking everyone. Soon, I got SOOOO bored that I went up to the second floor. Surprisingly, I saw Eunice disturbing Ms Joyce. So we both went into the theatrette for the aircons. HAHA, but was soon chased out la.

Then we went to the haunted house done up by the English Club. They make the same thing every year -,- I was smart enough to bring a waterbottle with me as self defence against hairy stuffs. I can see abit movement, and I just hit anything that is beside and infront of me. Sorry if I caused any injury because it was SELF DEFENCE, hehe! And there's a Stjohn room below, so no worries :D I remember a person with a long wig trying to scare people with the hairy hair, and one even tried to strangle me after I hit him. LOLOLOL. FUNFUNFUN~!

Then Eunice and I went down to the St.John booth, we wanted to look around because everything looks soooo interesting. There's this fake person that is used for practising the CPR or something I think. And we can try lehh! It was super complicated, k no, they teach no good. HAHA, then I just keep pumping the chest. And pervertic Eunice went to squeeze the breasts! She said it was soft, lololol! Then we both went to pump the breast instead. Then they let us try the CPR thing, I thought it was damn disgusting and I swear if my mouth ever touch the thing's mouth, I will scream and cry! HAHA, cos it's damn dirty la, dont even know if anyone kissed it before or something. But Eunice tried, they cleaned it, but it's not very thorough I think, but there's a plastic sheet covered over the mouth la. Eunice really kissed it man! It was so yucky! She kiss damn long one la, k maybe cos i was pushing her head. HAHA, oh ya, and it's CPR, not kiss. But still, her lips is in contact with another.. thing's lips! LOL.

And they even made a fake wound for me on my elbow, it was freaking cool okay! I originally wanted to do it on my face la, but on second thoughts, no. Cos it's dirty! LOL, k everything, almost, there is dirty to me. K the person helping me with the 'wound' was very funny and good. Whenever I ask something that was originally meant to put her in a corner, she use "Of course, we are very professional one" as an excuse. HAHA, but the fake wound turned out quite well and alot of people were fooled. Even Ms Lim! HAHA, she thought I got injured when I wasnt under her supervision, she was about to scold me i think, when I told her it was fake and she took a closer look. LOLOL, many ask what happen to me la. So funnnyyyy!

I wanted to sit on wheelchair one la, but they say Zhonghao took the chair around to play. LOL, wth, I never sit wheelchair before leh, and I wanna try it! Damnit ): HAHA, but anyway i think it was that part that was quite fun. And I think Mr Ben sprained his ankle abit while playing volleyball with us. When he sat down there holding his ankle, the first thing I did was shout for the stjohn members. HAHA, then he got up and say "ehh, no need no need." LOLOLOL, but I think he pulled a muscle or something la. Bballers, go show concern to him laaaa!

Lessons until 3pm, and training after that. Mr Yap was LOL man! I didnt know he was soooo funny one la, I always thought he everytime act act and look like Powerpuff Girls' professor. HAHA. &I didnt know the Jiawei ah, was so enthu one la. I just thought he look like some cartoon character, the dwarfs I think. Yaaaa, it's the dwarfs in the Snow white storybook. HAHA, but he's not that dwarf-y la. Aww, Ms Lim suggested for me to tie the same hair as my sister because I was caught by Mrs Kok. Wth la, I think she's abit biased to keep catching our so called to her 'samurai hair'. I dont think I'm gonna tie my hair in any other way, thought it'll look horrible. Not sure la, dont think she will catch me againnnn, righttt? HEHE.

Anw, had training today. I was super grumpy, k la, not only for one thing, for 3 things. And I dont wanna name them here. Aiyaaaa, whatever la! AHHHHH.

And we finally arrived with a class name! It's called 3 Zenith, and it means the highest level of achievement. Actually I thought 3PS3 was nice, HAHA. PS basically means Pure Science. And PS3 sounds just like play station 3. LOL. Or 3Exuberance or 3Trees, or Tree Trunks, or 3 Infinity. This are the few I like more la. And I gotta go do my Amaths Self Intro thingy. Mr Lim wants us to do two full pages of self intro without leaving lines! Even more evil than Ms Joyce, goshgosh! So byebye!

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