Monday, December 21, 2009

Volleyball X'mas BBQ '09 @ Casablanca

The Christmas BBQ at Eunice's condo was great, bet all of us had fun :D


The water was freaking cold la, need alot of preparation before we decided to go in. LOL.

K, I look naked -,-

It was very cold inside the study as well, they say my lips turned purple.

There's still more photos taken in the study. Will be uploaded when Tiffany's ready. HAHA.

Yuping, Chaoxin, Yanni and I helped to set up the fire. HEHE!

K, crazy me.

In the sauna, LOL. Chaoxin sit until so relaxed ah!

Everyone bought their Christmas exchanged present and handed them to Eunice while she number them. Then some headed down to the pit to put our stuffs and gamble. When a guard came over and ask us whether we booked our pit. And we continued to gamble and another guard came over and asked whether we booked our pit and then we continued to gamble and another guard came over to ask if we booked our pit again. WTH? Damn irritating la, somemore all the guards look so alike, with a moustache and a black skin tone. But we had to move to another pit cos there are painting needed to be done at our pit area.

Then I got so sick of it and went to swim. HEHE, funfunfun! But the water was super cold. Then swim swim swim until the sun finally came out, and I went to the best spot to tan. But the sun so stingy la, stupid. So didnt get any tanning, aiya think it's best i dont get any darker anymore also. I didnt want to get into the water anymore cos it was freaking cold still. LOL.

Swam for awhile and decided to set up the pit before history repeats itself. We had to set up the pit for two hours last year, and to no avail. HAHA, then Eunice's uncle came down to help us. But this time, no way! We set it up ourselves, with Yanni's inherited genes from her mum, damn good at BBQ stuffs. LOL.

Cooked some food, the fire was damn strong and the first round of food turned out chaodaa! HAHA, Ms Choo was our tester! The food was awesome! I love it :D Cook for awhile before I decided it should be my turn to eat. LOL, later the food finish, I very scared. Think Chaoxin didnt eat much, she was busy with the charcoal and cooking.

Ate for awhile and went back to swimming with Qianwen and Chaoxin. Played water polo! HAHA, no la, it's something like water polo. Damn fun, we even have to check the ball one. Damn cool la. And Yanni was the keeper for both groups. Yea, BOTH groups. Funny la, she damn biased one. Then went back to eating. The fire was out, so Yanni, Chaoxin and I had to do the fire again. This time we decided to finish cooking all the food before we leave and the fire disappears again. HAHA, so we cooked some satays and brought it over to the swimming pool for those playing in the pool to eat. I didnt get down after that because I had stomachache. Ya, the stomachache from Saturday's training until now, still aching. Yanni scared me by saying it's stomach ulcer! AHH, not another ulcer, AGAIN?! LOL.

Oh, ya. There was a time where Eunice wanted us to pass something to the study. But the route was damn long. So we decided to take short cut, and the short cut is by crossing the swimming pool. HAHA, FYI, the things she wanted to pass are books and stuffs. Once it touches water, BYEBYE! HAHA, will get killed by Eunice for sure. But dont worry, we were successful. And it was damn fun also. HEHE, super funny. We also went to the sauna to play.

Swam for awhile and decided to get up to exchange our Christmas gifts. I got my gift from Chaoxin, it's a LED Table Lamp. AND I LOVE IT! :D Thanks Chaoxin. We bought our gifts to the pit and opened all of them together. Chaoxin totally fooled me la, wrap so many newspapers until I open like siaoooooo. The whole place filled with newspapers liao also havent open finish. But thanks anw! I had fun opening the present also.

Went home and got Christmas gifts from my Aunties! One is Silky Girl perfume, the flavour is COOL, and it smells abit like men's cologne. And the other gift I got was a wallet. Not what I needed, but it's prettaye. So THANKYOU to them. Sorry Xinlerk and I wasnt able to attend your BBQ instead.

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