Friday, December 18, 2009

Went to Tan Tock Seng Hospital today early in the morning myself, trained to Novena. I was so scared I would get lost la, luckily got somebody accompany, or else I confirm lost one. I didnt even know when I reach the hospital la. HEHE, but luckily I remembered the way around to the Eye Clinic. Didnt have to wait very long before it's my turn, the doctor even called me 'Ms Tan Pei Xin', lol. Btw, my infected eye increased its degree by 75, and that's alot, because the left one remained unchanged. Oh gosh, bad bad bad. I can wear my contact lens already, but the doctor suggest around a week or two of rest. So I guess I'll only wear them when school reopens. I miss my contact lens!

Anw, after my appointment, I still had plenty of time. Rasyidah asked me over to her house for movie marathon, gonna watch 'SAW V'. Walked around the shopping mall, not all the stores are opened. Chatted until it's almost 1pm. HAHA, chat damn long la. Then I went to Admiralty to bus to Rasyidah's house. Dabao alot of things for them la, make me look like some aunty. But nevermind, lol. Cos the movie was not bad I think, and I'm not talking about SAW V. HAHA.

We watched 'DRAG ME TO HELL', Rasyidah's shocked face look damn funny la, and the sound she make. LOL, and Xiaojun's screaming is the one that scared us, not the movie. HAHA, she scream before the thing even appear la. After that we watched SAW V, which I think was damn boring. Cos I slept through and only woke up when Rasyidah say there's an interesting part. I think the show quality look very dark, and the characters look so alike, I suggest some of them go dye striking hair for better recognition la. And whenever I woke up and the characters in the movie are fighting, I thought they changed to a chinese show, cos the quality, I dont know la, look so chinesy if they never talk la. But the killing people part was not bad I think. Then watched HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE. What the hell is wrong with Rasyidah, SERIOUSLY! She keep critising the movie and Miley Cyrus, whatever song she sing she will make funny sound one. We suspect that Rasyidah actually LOVE Hannah Montana, just that she act act only. HAHAHA, eh eh eh~

After the movie, went downstairs to play with candles, matches and stuff. They taught me how to play with the matches and lit them up by flicking them, so cool la. But i got abit bored after awhile and my mother want me to go home soon. So went home early. Today was quite fun I think, heeeeheeee :D

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