Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Training on tuesday, learnt lots of new stuffs and I think overall, training rocks today. Although some parts my face still look cloudy, lol. Okay, blame myself for sleeping at 1am last night. For me, lack of sleep=bad mood. LOL. K la, played many set games. And we'll be having more more more in the future also. Esp next week I think, coach is planning many friendly matches for us. And mostly, challenging schools. Sorry Junjie, lol, I asked my coach about having friendly match with Evergreen Secondary, but she didnt want to. ANW, you're overseas so who cares. HAHA.

Second training after my eye incident, it's not fully recovered yet so I had to wear my spectacles. Not used to it, but it's not that bad la. At least I can seeeeee~ LOL. Kk, december is here and I hate it man. It's gonna be over so soon, it's already the second week of december. I havent finish my homework. And I have two BBQs coming up. Need to buy two presents. LOL, quite fun for the christmas party, we're exchanging gifts. It's like a vb outing. So cool la, we gonna each buy one present, then we will write down everyone's name on separate pieces of paper, and we pick one. The name that we picked is the lucky person who'd be getting the gift we bought. I wonder if we're still going to stay over at Jody's place. HAHA, it was so fun. Then the new year countdown will be at our place. LOL, we'll play mahjong until we get sick of it la.

K yesterday, my house was in a mess. My mother suddenly got so irritated that we're sleeping after 12am and waking up after 12pm. It's just all of a sudden, so we crawled out of bed at 10am, we were mumbling why the hell did we wake up so early for. Moreover, Xinlerk and I planned to go out to get some stuffs and my mother just said NO GOING OUT FOR US THIS WEEK. Wth, eventhough I know she's not serious about the WHOLE WEEK thing, but she definitely wouldnt let us go out on the day itself. And going out with Xinlerk alone is such a rare thing, seriously. I hardly ever go out alone with my sister. So my sister suggested we go on a sunday, then we'll make our way to Grandparent's house ourselves. -,-

The worst among us was my younger sister, my mother hit her with something, i forgot what. And while my mother was chasing my sister around the house, I heard a loud crash then our living room chair come sliding past my computer room. I was so shock, I thought my brother fell and hit his head or something. And when I rushed out to the living room, my mother was lying motionlessly on the ground, face down. I swear she almost fainted, she got a weak body like me. But then she still got up and continue the chase -,- LOL. Luckily she wasnt badly injured la, just a blueblack on her knee.

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