Friday, December 11, 2009

Went back to Woodlands Primary School today to have Ex-Volleyballers Gathering. Many returned, too many to name. LOL, Max dont be jealous la. We did nothing much except playing set games. Alison's group was SUPER NOISY, but I think Haowen is NOISIER then her group. His mouth is always yakking about something, ANYTHING! Then we had a group photo, it's with Ms Lam, I'll see if I can get it. Played the last few matches, Darren was soooo emo. He keep wanting to sms his gf, LOL, sorry Junjie.
Hmm, really nothing much. Those set games were okay, the only position I played was subset. And when we earn a point, I got so used to shouting the Steady Ace cheer, that I have to hold myself back la. Later I shout then nobody reply, lol. So makes everything abit quiet. There's abit to laugh here and there, especially about Haowen, he's so idiotic funny la. The way he receive ball is like sitting on toilet bowl like that.
Meiting's brother, Zhaoqi, keep bullying me la. I gonna tell Meiting, hehehe. Went to the Indoor Sports Hall before going back home, watched the juniors play. Hey, they're not bad okay.Trevor, Darren, Minghwee, Haowen, Zhaoqi and one more person I forgot who played against them. The juniors can receive every ball they spiked over leh. And they returned almost every ball with a spike. I think from where we left, the junior's team were leading. And there's this primary one kid, he so cute la. So small somemore.
Tomorrow's training is cancelled, next training is on Tuesday. B'division will be having friendly match with Chung Cheng High Yishun. YAY, tmr I can go out! WOOHOO. LOL.

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