Friday, October 30, 2009

Last day of school today, last day of TOO UNIQUE. Even though we may be in different classes, part of us stays in TOO UNIQUE'09. Remember: Once a part of Too Unique, always and forever a part of Too Unique.

Am I suppose to be happy today or not? I'm not so sure. I got a prize to take (Happy?), TOO UNIQUE apart (Sad?). Argh, this sucks. I shall skip the rest to my dedication to my beloved class, others can wait.

To Too Unique:
I will never forget how we grew from 1 Perseverance to TOO UNIQUE, how can anyone forget this? Our class name may not be the best, may not be the most special, may not be the most memorable, but who cares? That's becos we're unique. To us, there's no such things as setbacks. Cos, those setbacks brought us up, to what we become today, and there's no shame bout that! Haha, so that's why it cant bring us down, got it? Lol.

Haha, skip to happy moments k. Remember our first class outing guys, the most successful one. Lol, eventhough the weather wasnt that great. It was pouring, and instead of taking shelter, we went to the sea. Lol, it's warmer in there. Haha, and we played with the waves and refused to get up. Esther and the rest was like bugging us, and we keep promising them that we would get up after one big wave. Haha, and the one big wave finally came, so we went back home reluctantly. And I still remember Rasyidah's mum's meesiam. So nice. Haha.

Actually the thought that annoys me most about us separating is that I'm afraid that I would lose contact with my good friends in class (Rasyidah, Xiaojun, Dillon, etc)
. I still remember Dillon and the rest told me it's a surprise that Rasyidah and I could be good friends for so long, because she often change 'target'. Haha, I was very happy to hear that, and I certainly wouldnt mind hearing it again. :D Eventhough Rasyidah and I have been good friends for almost two years now, I never fail to fall for her shoulder-tapping trick. Damn it, I just fell for it again before dismissal. Lol. And she never fail to be the first to apologise when we 'quarrel', haha, especially when I'm braving up a strong front, acting tough. And Xiaojun never fails to see through me, lol, is it good or bad? Lol, and we never fail to coordinate well. We fall for the same clothes, thought of the same silly idea, talked the same words. Haha, we're wondering if we would wear the same clothes when we go out one day. Lol.

Okay, should I talk like an american afterwards? Cos I'm dedicating this to Ray. Lol, he's really irritating, too irritating for a guy of 14-years-old. And I hate the way he talk, and I cant seem to dig out any positive things about him. K, let me just try to squeeze out some. You're not very ugly, but not very handsome as well. Not very short, but not very tall either. Not very talkative, just super talkative. Not many friends, good thing, cos people wont die cos of your irritating-ness. K, are those good enough? Lol, k. I just wanna say, I'm definitely sure I'll lead a better life and get better grades without you sitting behind me. Omg, I sound so mean. Okay, let me rephrase. I'm definitely sure that I will lead a better life and get better grades without me sitting infront of you. Haha, better? But still, it's positive this time, I wanna thank you for supporting us in the class tees thingy. Cos I never thought you would contribute funds to buy it, cos your good friend, Gabby and Ryan didnt. K, that doesnt make you like you any better, just make me hate you lesser.

And Gabby, haha. He changed alot leh! Wth, from the previously robotic and sleepyhead Gabriella, he tranformed (lol, transformers ah) into our superduperhot GABBY! Haha, it started when we played a game and he had to say 'I just cant get the music out of my mind' flirtatiously. Lol, and he did it like so gay. To others hot la, k, maybe if I dont look at his face, it would be a 5-star. Haha, I'm so mean, I know. Truth k. So to those whose gonna be in the same class as Gabby, dont push him, he needs time and encouragement, especially those from Zena's really wakes him up. Lol.

Okay, peeepelss from TOO UNIQUE, I'll miss you guys. Remember no words could describe us, cos we're TOO UNIQUE! WOOOO. We may seem miles apart, but we'll always be friends forever. :D

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