Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to my beloved BROTHER! He turned 4 years old today! I felt abit guilty as I went out early in the morning today and was the last member of the family to wished him a proper 'happy birthday'. Haha, but anw, my brother had lots of fun today!
Went to eat Sakae Sushi with Eunice and I hate that stupid waiter. He is super impatient and I purposely make him wait longer. HAHA. Ate quite alot I think, tried out all the egg thing. And we almost forgot our desserts as we were too full. Lol, Eunice is the full one. Then went to eat Mochi Icecream, hehehe.
Then headed to Eunice house to do our holiday homework. I havent even touched it. And finally today we managed to finish at least our mother tongue. I finished my discovery book comprehension. Yay. And I was super angry. I helped Eunice finish up her blog thing, and just as I was about to get started on mine, the computer went berserk. And it was right after I hit Eunice head, haha, cos she was annoying me. Then she say because I hit her thats why her comp like that, then I go sayang her. Then guess what? Worse! Haha, the computer keep on restarting on its own. So we just offed it. Used other comps but they dont have chinese language. Siannnn la, so decided to eat her mango fruit.
We decided on how to eat the mango, we peeled the skin and squashed it. Haha, I like it PURE. and Eunice went on to add chocolate milk, chocolate bar, and apple cornflakes. Ewww, mine is so much nicer. After finishing, Eunice sent me home because she wanted to wish my brother happy birthday since she havent seen him for a long time already. She even bought a colouring book for him! My brother love it.
It's my brother's birthday today! Happy Birthday once again! Woke up early in the morning to meet Wenxuan and Albert etc. Waked halfway down and wenxuan called that he just woke up and that Albert is not meeting us alr. Sian, he told me to wait for him at the wdp minimart. Okay, I waited, for hmm, 'not' very long lo, 30 minutes ONLY! I was so bored I did so many stupid things. I almost wanted to throw stones at a stupid cat, cos I suspect that its following me. Haha, k, I know I'm cruel. FINALLY, wenxuan came. Went into wdp easily, and looked for Ms Lim to help out with some stuffs. Yea, did I just say some stuffs, cos I think I used the wrong term.
Wenxuan and I had to bring down ALL the stuffs from the Indoor Sports Hall [ISH] upstairs. (PS: which means we had to climb like 4 storeys up and down, with my muscleaches all over from the previous vb training.) And the most difficult thing is the beanbag. It was super heavy I tell you. I cant even make it from the store room to the door. So the man helped. Lol.
Then Serene, Choonzuan, Wenxuan and I helped to clear the PE room, tedious. We had to count badminton rackets and after counting them, out pops out somemore. And worse, we had to sort it according to colours. -,- Okay, and finally at around 2pm, the PE room is spick and span.
Had meeting afterwards and we solved all our problems, finally. Cut my hand with my penknife.
Going for SC camp tmr, wont be updating much. See ya guys!

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