Sunday, November 15, 2009

All the goodies my mom, xinlerk and I made for my lil brother's classmates!

Lol, 1st prize. [by xinlerk]

2nd prize [by me.]

3rd prize [by xinlerk.]
Xinlerk and I helped to make gooie bags for my brother's classmates as my brother's birthday falls on the last day of school, 19november. Lol, the goodie bags were great okay! There are a small towel, two jellies, a lollipop, 2 packet of crackers, a wet towel, a page of sticker [matching ones as the small towel], and some sweets. haha, basically it's all food la. All the goodie bags are different actually, because my sister and I put things according to what we like. If we feel like putting this, we put this, more of that or something. And the last goodie bag was heavy so as to replace the missing small towel, we just dumped everything that is leftover for it. HAHA.
& I havent start on my homework. Lol, sometimes I feel abit worried, but then when I learnt that other also havent done it, I feel relaxed. Haha, at least someone else is in the same boat as me.
Had first match of the second round U16 Competition. We were against St.Hilda's Sec. This is gonna be the first bad news you're gonna hear from us about the U16 competition, because we lost to them. They're not exactly strong, I guess it was just their luck that we were off-form. K, but blame noone guys. Although I hope we get to play with them again and have a good fight. It wasnt a good game. Just their luck okay!
Miss Toh treated us to bubbletea today! Haha, and the person never give me pearls. Wth, it's the first time I drank bubbletea without pearls and the taste sucks. Had lunch at Jurong Point. Chaoxin, Alison, Meiting and I had lunch at the foodcourt. I bought a Curry Chicken Bee Hoon from a chicken rice stall, and guess what? Lol, I just took the food and went to my table without paying. HAHAHA, I didnt even notice anything unusual until Alison came to me and say, "You havent pay then you go already ah." And I was like, "huh?.... Oh ya hor!" Haha, then I went back to the stall to pay money. But Chaoxin paid for me first and I returned the money to her. Lol, I am so blur. While choosing what to eat, I even went to the fishball noodles stall and said, "Wow, the fishballs are sooooooooo cute." Lol. K I didnt finish my noodles, cos got alot of beehoon. Lol.
After eating, we went to look for my sister and the rest at KFC. Chaoxin leaded the way and... we got lost -,- Haha. While we were lost, we realised that Jurong Point is so HUGE! After every turn, I never see the same store man! It is so big. And finally we saw my sister and yanni coming down the escalator, chaoxin even said, "Wow, our saviour." Lol, she dont know how to lead the way lo! And we find the rest of them at KFC. Chaoxin pretended that she lead us there -,-
I was so tired, I wanted to go home and sleeeeeep. zzzz Meiting, xinlerk and I trained back to woodlands. I am still so tired, later going ahma's house.

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