Saturday, October 17, 2009

These are the three types of green colour shirt you guys (TOO UNIQUE students)might consider.

The varieties from HELLO SPORTS.


Xiaojun's Blue Lagoon.

It's the irritating sunlight.

See the twins! Woah, haha. The twin egg yolk wont separate one leh.

Went to Queenstown today to check out the prices of the class tees. Went with Xiaojun only, because Rasyidah go Malaysia holiday without us. Haha, so sad. Queenstown look so old, seriously. I wouldnt want to shop there if I had a choice. There were many sport shops there selling plain round neck, dry-fit tees with printing.

Went to the first store JW SPORTS #02-08, served by Eugene. Told him what we wanted, asked for what we wanted and showed him our class tee design. He was like, 'wah'. Obviously amazed by the guy Raziq drew. He said the man would be harder to print, unless we email it to him. And the price would be definitely below $20, he promised! Lol.

Then went to the second store, HELLO SPORTS, which is owned by two indians. I hate the smell once I got inside the store, not being racist la. K fine, sorry, cause it's deepavali today. He said one plain round neck, dry-fit tee cost $6 only! Wth, so cheap. We can actually purchase the plain tees there and do the printing somewhere else what. BUT! I'm worried about the smell of our stocks, hehe. So, nah.

Went to the third store, was told that it was another branch for the first store we went. Then went to the forth store, JWOODS. Served by an old man. He's funny you know, haha, and he speaks fluent English. His name is David Lim. Lol, he guarantee us with good quality dry-fit shirt and printings. He explained alot of things to us. Xiaojun and I also got to know how they calculate the price of the shirt with printing. They based it on the number of colours and the size you want the design to be.

For example, if you want your design to stay as A4 size, which would definitely not be nice as the shirt would be big, it would not charge alot. But you want bigger, means they enlarge for you, more expensive.
Then based on the number of designs you have. For our design, the man is considered one design. And the TOO UNIQUE is considered another design. And the colours are counted one design by one design. Even if you use same colours (eg, black and white) for both designs, it is considered as four colours. Woah right. Haha. So total we have three logos, 4 colours.

K, back to the forth store part. The funny man told us alot. We also joked about the quality. I tried to scratch out the printings, k, failed. Haha, means the quality is good la. Then talked about their shop's boss. The funny man said the boss very handsome, around 20 years old only. Haha, then Xiaojun wanna flirt him to get a good price. All for TOO UNIQUE, guys! Haha, the funny man said the cost of one shirt will be around $18, or $19 most.

So, we decided to go back to the first store to ask about the quality of the printing. They have alot of choices. Then the boss arrived, and Eugene said the boss settle faster. Haha, so showed the boss our designs and everything. Guess the price guys! $15 per piece! WOOHOO. K, so it's set. I will scan the design and email it to them if everything is confirmed. Will discuss on tuesday ok? :D

Then ate Chicken Cutlet Rice, and went to Bugis to shop. God, spent all our money. Xiaojun spent around hundred dollars. She did extensions, $11. SHHHH. Haha, then bought two identical shirts, three in fact. Similar ones. Then bought some stuffs for Halloween :D Went to eat steamboat at Iluma. Haha, it was not bad and we took alot of photos. The waitress is so friendly and nice. They stood near our table to block the sunlight which is so disturbing. There is also free flow of soft drinks. And there are two eggs, but one of the eggs have two egg yolks! Means it's a twin! Omg, so interesting and amazing right.

Rushed back home, took bus 960 til the end of the journey as it will stop infront of my house. Haha, so convenient. I hope Xiaojun wont get scolded when she reach home. It's quite late. Today is fun, fun, fun! We did alot of stupid things by following the arrows to the toilet signs damn accurately. Some of the arrows point slanted then we pretend to bang into the shops and everything. Then there's a nail on the toilet door, haha, and i thought it was a peephole. I almost went to knock on the door and look through the peephole. Lol. And when crossing the traffic light, we actually wanted to dance the GEE dance across it. But Xiaojun too paiseh, haha. Then we wanna shake our butts and heads infront of the cars. Omg, lol. Today is fun! :D

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