Friday, March 27, 2009

Yea, many things happened this week,
mostly unpleasant ones.
May we start with the pleasant ones?
Okay, there's none. :D
Is Ms Shidah accepting my cullottes length counted?
If it is, then yes lo, whatever.
Maybe Ms Shidah should really check carefully with our class leaders their attire.
our camp group.
My country is Egypt, and i am proud to be a leader of my group, which only consists of 3 person i know.
One i know closely, the rest i hardly ever smile at them before?
And i formed my own groups at first already, with Rasyidah, Alison, Zena and Rebecca.
All we needed for another 5 more from other classes.
Then we joined with Sheela's team,
and still short of one student from 2-1.
Then someone just came all of a sudden to our team,
and we have to 'chase' her out?
Then Alison went out in exchange for a 2-1 student.
Then the other groups complain that there are too many 2-4s in our group and they have none.
Fine, i went out.
And joined Pantita's group, whatever.
I glanced around in the group for pepople i know,
and the ex-leader was a student i never noticed before.
I was like, hey, i wanna have fun in the camp.
So i proposed if i could be the leader, HAHA.
Abit thickskin, but they accepted. YAY:D
That makes me happy for once.
I was really upset that volleyballers have to be separated,
I hope the teachers see this.
If they want us to be flexible with the rules,
they gotta show it by being flexible to the rules they set.
With those stupid criterias, how many would even have fun in the camp?
OK, i can get high by myself...
But the others?
Then napha,
i hate it! Because i never get A for my incline pull ups, everytime!
Last year, short of 2,
this year, short of 1 -.-
Anyway, i love my standing broad jump :D
Sit & Reach: 44cm
Shuttle run: 11.2s, i know this sucks, but it's A!
Standing Broad Jump: 202cm
Incline Pull Up: 15
Sit Up: 44
Then followed up was the debates,
it was really crazy and rowdy,
but guess what, I LIKE IT ~ :D
Haha, that's the way it should be, right?
2-1 against 2-4, be sure to watch the finals.
I really cant stop laughing when i saw chaoyi and his mouth thingy.
I dont know how he do la, but that image still haunts me.
Went to catch a movie today,
actually going with pantita.
Then she going with her sister,
then i dont want already.
haha, then went with my sister, hannah, yanni and tingfang.
The show was " Confessions of a Shopahollic"
Nice show, especially when she dance and the last part when she spoke finash (spelt this way?)
But it's no good when i got home...

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