Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SHOT 2! :D


Alot of friendlys nowadays, after the beijing trip.
11/12 with Huayi Secondary School. [Lost.]
12/12 with Woodlands Primary School. [Won.]
19/12 with Bukit Panjang Government High. [Lost all, but almost won right? 27/29]
22/12 with Unity Secondary School. [Won all.]
23/12 with Yuying Secondary School. [Won.]

We still have a friendly with Shuqun on the following Monday.
but we have the party right, so it may be cancelled.

Let's talk about 23/12, the match with Yuying Sec okay.
That school is so, god damn far away.
That it took us almost about 1 hours getting thr.
We took mrt to DhobyGaut,
then to Kovan.
Afterwards, took bus 113 to Yuying Secondary School.
Getting there was a nuisance.
Coach said B and C divisions were playing,
but we waited for our seniors to play 3 games.
until it was already 4.30pm+
We were alr yawning and crying for food lo.

We thought we wouldnt be playing.
then in the end only play one game.
what a wasted trip.
Reached home after 9pm,
Missed part of Little Nyonya.

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