Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yesterday's class outing rocked my ass off man!
Eventhough it was our first outing with the class,
eventhough it rained in the midst of our activities,
and that we spent most of the time in the sea.
[which made us keep complaining of the sand in our pants. Lol.]

went to cwp with Alison to meet up with the class.
only Dillon and Matthio were thr,
then Kelvin came.
went to buy the disposable utensils,
and found out so many of our bought the same thing.
Lol, Alison was demanding for the money from Farhan.
21 students from our class attended the class outing.
cant name it, too many!

then when everyone came, we headed to the beach:D
Alison became the guide as she just went the day before ytd.
took bus 966.
it was a long way la, about 1hour 45mins?
Okay, i was sleeping.
other people say one.

then got down the bus and walked a distance.
reached the beach,
but it was still a long way to the main area.
we bought too many things,
found a nice, clean and big seat for us to settle.
the first thing we did? is to rent the bikes and rollerblades,
so that we can get to the main area fast.
but we have to walk thr la.
then cycle here.

after that, all of us cant wait to get into the water.
Alison was the first one to get all drenched!
Haha, but it's of her own accord la.
then we all got wet also.
we were swimming [WITH OUR CLOTHES ON!*] when pulling other ppl into the water.
Runfa was half naked,
omg, no figure one. haha.
all of us were quite open,
showing off our undies.

got hungry and went up to eat.
the meesiam was nice,
rasyidah mother cook one, and the chicken!
then went swimming agn.
and others.

then the worst thing happened,
we didnt cared until sheela told us it's dangerous.
and suddenly got thunder.
we all dashed to the tables.

it started to rained heavier and heavier.
we took the picnic mats for shelter.
and Jane contributed with the straw mat so that we can sit on it.
others hid under the table.
but we could just waste our time like this,
so took out the twister mat and played.
Sufei was the first one out,
then me.

then i got into the water again,
as the water feels warmer than the other areas.

when it was getting later,
many went off to wash up and get changed.
but Dillon, Matthio, Xiaojun, Regina, Alison and I continued to play.
Matthio taught me to build sandcastle.
now i pro le okay.

after some time we got up, relunctantly.
and went to shower.
Matthio and Dillon waiting outside was complaining,
because we took a long time.
then i got lost, haha.
i dont know how to get out of the toilet zone.
and went to the hut in darkness alone!
finally, we packed up and went home.
Matthio and Alison betted on a chinese character hanyupinyin.
Matthio sounded like my father.Got home about 9,
and Alison was rushing to watch her fav show,
last episode.

Guys, let's have another class outing to the wildwildwet!

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